the radio's installment

This is a...what's it called...out of print? No. Like when they don't make it any more, or something like that? Yeah, that's what I meant, but I guess I totally blew that moment.

These are my tools. I should have had Mark's hands in there too, but I didn't think about it 'til now. I think they were invaluable tools. I never could have done it with him. Oh yeah, notice the dark chocolate? A very necessary necessity. When I get frustrated, I use it :)

The initial incision

Oh, I'm sorry, it's sideways. I forgot I had a few that were like that. Turn your head. Or your computer, which ever is easiest.

Whoa look at it's guts!

Good-bye old. Can you see my toenails shining? I painted them right before I went over there.

Hello new.

My wonderful husband using his muscles to crimp those nasty crimpy things.

They make a pretty good picture, dontcha think?

I took over the part of the taping, so it would be even and nice. I know it's not going to show, but just the fact that I'd see it all ugly and stuff...it drives me nuts!

Don't ask.

Beautiful, no?

I was waiting for Mark to come back and help me out, so I decided to see what it looks like in the middle of my car. Nothing to get excited about.

Remember what I said about that chocolate?

Almost finished...

All done! Doesn't it look sniffy and cool? I just forgot to plug the lighter plug back in.

I think we make a pretty good team.

Fresh air, or not...

Now, remember, these pictures are only a split second of time. Don't get it stuck in your mid that these pictures were...a common occurrence. I just happened to take the pictures at just the right time. I'm thinking when we get our grill, and most likely it will be a one level thingy, things will go more smoothly, and turn out more evenly. Also, Mark will most likely be around to help, instead of burying his head in my dad's truck engine. It was funny, half of the group was in the living room just kinda sitting in the awkward stage of "we're here, now what do we do?" The other half (the male half) were all cramming their heads under the truck's hood. So I took the initiative. I gathered up the burgers, the dogs, the plates, the flipper, and headed to the grill.

I guess the flames drew them.

Either that, or they mistook this for a smoke signal. I didn't think I knew Morse code, but apparently I signaled "I'm grilling the food. It's my first time. I hope there's something left when I'm done!" I thought I had it under control.

Everyone tried voicing their opinions of how to do it. But you know, there was not one burger left after people were done eating! And the one who complained the most about it, ate two!

The second batch of hot dogs cooked more evenly, since they didn't have the burgers heating things up underneath them.

I was really having fun grilling. I could get used to this. I'm also excited about having a grill at our new apartment. Not only does it mean that it'll add more variety to our menu, but I know Mark's going to want to play with the fire grill every now and then, so I wont have to.

Now, doesn't that look yummy?

After dinner, we (read almost all of us) went out to our back yard the school's soccer field to expend physical activity.

We started out attempting to play Frisbee, that's all we had at the time. No, Sarah's not catching it, although it would made a cool catching shot, she's attempting to aerate it. I think she ended just grounding it instead.

After a few near fatal accidents (one involving my forehead, eyebrow, fingers, and my sister's camera) we opted for a safer sport, big ball kickball.

I didn't get any pictures of that cause I was busy playing. I have to tell you, graduating college and getting married really takes a tole on one's physical endurance. My legs are still sore. Going to church the next day was tough. I never realized how many times we stand up and sit down. Monday was worse, going to work. If you remember, it was the day the alarm went on a vacation and I was off orientation. OH MY WORD! I felt 90 years old walking those halls. I think most of my patients walked better than I did yesterday.

After playing big ball kick ball, some people attempted to connect a bat with a whiffle ball. They say Bethany was trying to do just that, but really, I think she was lunging for the big ball. Just a few more steps, Bethany!

I'm not sure about this one. I know that stance looks familiar, but I can't place it into any sport I know of...maybe golf??


Partying and Working

This is one baby who's growing up fast! McKenna is 13 months, and the biggest flirt ever! Don't be alarmed that she looks a big drunk or something, it's just the strawberry juice. She was in heaven with them. Those and sitting on her granddad's lap. She even managed to wipe her face on his shirt once or twice.

See that bit of strawberry poking out? That's not even 1/10 of the monster. It was probably as big as four of her fists. She devoured like 2 1/2 of them before moving on to juicy watermelon, which she ate by breaking pieces off then putting them her mouth. The poor strawberries just got shoved in...and up her nose it looks like there.

Did I mention that Wonder Woman from the last post also help head up this conglomeration of graduates, family, and friends? See that big strawberry on that plate? That's the one she was eating in the previous picture. The one that's half gone in her mouth was about that size as well. It's pretty much squishing that piece of watermelon. Oh, that's my brother Nick taking pictures with Bekah and Dad whilst McKenna munches away.

Now, I accomplished something that I had never tried before. I grilled. Not just "dad, let me flip them" but from start to finish, with the exception of lighting the grill. I have to admit, it was pretty fun. Now I know why guys like it so much. The flames, the smoke, the flames, the food, the flames!

You can kind of see some of the flames here, but that's nothing compared to what it was real life. Oh, yeah baby! Talk about flame broiled, those patties were basking in the flames! The hot dogs didn't fare to well, but I had never done it before, so how was I supposed to know to put the hot dogs on when the hamburgers were almost done?

Mark's playing X-box Live right now, and when I upload the pictures, it messes it up, so you'll just have to be patient to see the rest of the pictures tomorrow. I'm excited about putting them up here.

I can blog about my most recent accomplishment, since I can't blog about the previous recent one.

Today was my very first day all by my onsie on the floor as a nurse. All by myself as in, no one checking behind me to make sure I've charted on time, no one looking to see if I've given all the meds, no more "I'm Krystina, I'll be *one of your nurses today*." Nope, it was, "I'm Krystina, I'll be your nurse until this evening." I have to be honest, the day started out as very suspicious for a bad day. I woke up at 6:2somthing. Normally I'm up and stumbling about at 5:55 and out the door by 6:2something. Do you get the picture now?? Yeah, it was not a good start. Mark, he was so helpful and sweet, asking what he could do to help me get ready. He didn't have to work today, but he was up anyways. He toasted and cream cheesed a bagel for me :) I did make it to work on time though, well, on paper at least I clocked in at 6:45. But it turned out ok. Four of my five rooms were occupied. They all contained very nice people. I let one of them loose before 11am, so I had three peeps and two vacancies. I was praying all day that I wouldn't get two admissions. It doesn't sound like allot, but two admissions in one 12 hour shift is enough to make it a bad day. I think I had other people praying too, cause those two rooms sat empty with not even a prospect to fill them until about 6pm. Then was when IT happened. I realized that the new patient had the same last name as one of this neighbors. That wasn't going to fly. Can you see the confusion?? It's bad enough when there's two with the same names on one side of the tower, but on the same side of the hall, next to each other?? No way, Jose'! But I put him in the other empty room, that made him across the hall from same name guy. It all worked out. I have to go to bed, my husband is turning out the lights on me. I'll post the rest of the flaming pictures tomorrow, along with the radio fiasco.

My baby sister's all grown up!

This weekend was Rebekah's high school graduation. She's on her way to conquering the world! The picture's not great, but she's the only one with long curly blonde hair, so it's gotta be her! These are the kids that were so annoying to be around, the little 7th graders that were just taking up space in the hall ways.

One of the kids that graduated, his dad is a Master Something over in Iraq. He couldn't get off to come home because he was so important over there. But they were able to set up a live video feed both ways so he could watch his baby son graduate. Before it all started, he came on screen and gave the students a little...something speech. It was touching. But he is scheduled to come home soon, I know that much.

Those things are actually empty. They always are. And don't expect to get your diploma automatically. I didn't get mine, and I realized that I hadn't gotten it well into my second semester of my freshman year of college. No, it was my second year of college. I had to call them up, and say, can you send me my diploma, please? I guess I had forgotten to do something...I don't remember. The moral of the story-it's just a piece of paper, but it makes you feel grown up.

There she is, shaking the...someone important, but the best teacher...'s hand. I'm not exactly sure what her official title is, besides science teacher, Bible teacher, Bible quiz team teacher, math teacher and yearbook overseer, she's also the one who heads up all sorts of school fundraisers, gives out awards, schedules senior/junior everythings. I guess she's like the...Wonder Woman of FBC.

The one in the black holding the camera and smiling, is one of my other sisters Bethany. I'm assuming the guy she's standing next to is...Jonathan...I mean, why else would she have that dorky grin of her face?

Now, go check out the other posts, I don't want to mess up my format by uploading more pictures. For the record, I didn't take any of these pictures, so don't blame the quality, or lack thereof, on me. I had forgotten my camera in the car, and I would have been late if I had gone back to get it.


What I can do, What I can't do

So much has happened since I last posted, how will I ever catch up? I don't know. I probably won't and you'll miss out on all the funny things that happened since...whenever I last posted.

This weekend, Mark and I did some car work. He worked on his air conditioning unit, and I worked on replacing my radio. No really, I did it mostly by my self. You'd be so proud of me! Working like I knew what I was doing :D I have a few pictures that I got with my cell phone. So I'll post them when I finish typing, so that blogspot can mess up my paragraphs.

I ran into a few snaggles along the way. Ok, maybe more than a few. I used Mark's electric screw driver to remove the face plate around the radio and stuff. Impressed yet? Mark had to come and rescue me. I wasn't able to get the plate off, it was snapped in place, and I was afraid to break it. Passing that hurdle, I, all by my onsie, took the radio out and disconnected it. Then I was stumped. But these things always come with some directions, right? And they'd be helpful, right?

Wrong. Now I know why guys throw the directions away. I threw them away (read, I threw them into the backseat in case I did need them after all). It came with these plastic boxes with wires sticking out connected to nothing. Weren't they supposed to connect something, rather than dangle like octopus legs?? I guess I was mistaken. I called my backup. He came riding in on his white horse with...you get the point. He said all the wires are supposed to connect to each other. What the-?!? He brought these boxes of....wire connectors?...or something. Sure, he made it look easy when he crimped the thingy on the end of the wire. I was thinking, "Oh, just like crimping beads with jewelry making, huh?"

Wrong, again. I can start IV's, I can draw blood, I can attach a 12 lead EKG to a chest, I can interpret EKG rhythms, I can't replace a radio. I'm flawed!! I couldn't crimp those things to save my life! My poor little arm muscles, they were worn out. And I had only done 2, there were like 12,549 left. And you know what else?? Not all of them had a matching wire to be connected to! I was shocked! I did about half of them before I had to surrender the crimping tools to my husband. He did the other half in about 1/16th of the time it took me to do the other half. But I couldn't figure out, where the black wire attached to. I guess that's why I'm not an electrician.

We decided to see if it worked. I turned the car on, pressed the power button...nothing. turns out, I blew a fuse playing with the bazillion wires. Imagine that. Still didn't work after we replaced the fuse. Mark worked his magic and connected it to an outside power source and that proved it did work, at least outside the car. Inside the care was another story. We were both frustrated. Neither of our projects worked. His AC was still broken, and my radio was...not. I put the old one back in (no wire connecting, this time, just snapping parts together), in hopes that it would work....

Wrong, again. We drove home, him with his uncold air conditioning, me with my silent radio. My whole life of driving flashed through my head during the 3 minute drive home from the shop. How will I be able to drive more than 10 minutes without getting bored or sleepy?? How will Mark and I take long road trips?? We'll have to...t-ta-talk.

Then, Mark had this great idea that there must be another fuse that I had blown. Great, now I'll forever be known as the wife who blew both fuses in the car, trying to change the radio. Sure enough, he found it. Yay, now my old radio works! If only we had thought of that while were still at the shop.

I do have this plan to go over to the shop later today for attempt #2. I'll still have to figure out how to get it mounted in the car...I guess I'll trip over that hurdle when I get there.

Now for pictures...I think they turned out pretty good. I'll try to remember to take some today. I don't want people gawking at me, so I'll be over there later today, about 3ish, after most everyone else is gone. So perhaps by tonight you can see my new cool sounding radio :)

Gotta run!


Things I've Learned From TV

My increasing exposure to the medical field has awoken my sarcastic attitude toward TV shows with medical stuff in them. Like, House, MD and ER. It makes me laugh, watching these shows. Let's start with ER.
  1. Every single patient is seen by at least one, usually more than one, doctor within seconds of walking through the door (or riding on a stretcher through the door).
  2. The doctors take a personal interest in each person's little problems.
  3. The various doctors communicate with each other, at the patient's bedside.
In reality...
  1. Every patient has to wait at least 30 minutes before the registration people come in to see them.
  2. They don't.
  3. Their communication between each other exists of a written order stating, "Change patient to Dr. So-in-So's care at 7am, and inform him of the change."

As for House, MD, I guess the title should be enough to let you know that it basically only portrays "MD's" not nurses. If there are nurses, they're the ones that come running a doc yells, "I need a nurse in here!"
  1. Doctors hang IV meds, give patients pills, run lab tests, etc.
  2. The doctors personally give pain medications to make them comfortable.
  3. CPR/Code Blue is started by a doctor.
In reality...
  1. The closest they come to giving any medications is thinking about it and writing it down.
  2. We nurses have to squeeze anything stronger than Tylenol out of them like they were Ebeneezer Scrooge and we were Bob Cratchet.
  3. They attend the Code Blue, but leave the sweaty work to nurses.
I'm not complaining about how they are, I'm just laughing at how good TV likes to make it appear. Of course, it doesn't stop me from watching House on Mondays at 9pm :) If I remember, that is.

I had plans to show the great change in our apartment. After working Thursday and Friday (twelve hours shifts), then driving after work Friday to my parents' house for the weekend, coming back Sunday in time for church, and then working again Monday and Tuesday (twelve hour shifts again), the apartment was a disaster zone. But I really didn't want to be embarrassed by physical pictures. But now, it's like...clean!

Did I mention that Mark's family is coming down? They are, the second week in July. I think they're coming from like Saturday through Sunday of the next following week. Mark's mom, dad, sister with her daughter, other sister, and brother are all coming. The only one not coming is Josh, Mark's bother-in-law, who just started a new job. Have you seen the space we have here? Granted, we'll be in the town house by then, but it's not THAT much bigger. But it'll be fun, I've taken that week off, but Mark still will be working. I guess that means I'll have to make real meals. Got any ideas for some easy yummy lunch or dinner foods?


Nurses' Appreciation Week

This past week at the Careplex was Nurses’ Appreciation Week. The mayor of the city of Hampton officially declared May 5th through May 12th of 2008 Nurses’ Appreciation Week in the city of Hampton. See, Hampton is not in a county. It is it’s own city with it’s own mayor. There’s definite line of demarcation between Hampton and Newport News. Like, our apartment complex is in Hampton, yet just a little 5 minute drive down the road, Mark’s work is in Newport News. Whatever.

Anyways, for nurses’ week, they gave us all memos about wearing white and wearing our cap from graduation. I didn’t have white scrubs, so I had to go shopping. I mean, I got to! It was a long time since I had been shopping for something I needed, rather than, let’s see what they have on sale. I tried on many white tops with white pants. Finally, I found one I liked the best. The lady at the place was trying to be helpful. She told me she had this dress (horrifying images of clinicals paraded through my head) that was short, like mid-thigh. And she was going on about spandex and shorts and tights.

You cannot imagine my relief when, in a disappointment filled voice, she said someone must have bought it already. I wasn’t sure how I was going to explain to her that I wasn’t interested, but I didn’t have to. So here’s my outfit. As for my hat, I accidentally left it on the couch when I left. It was truly on accident, cause my preceptor and I were going to wear out caps together. But oh well, it’s ok.

Yeah, I dressed up for pictures. Your point is?

The infamous hat. It's kinda squished now. It got piled under a bunch of stuff, and I finally found it and rescued it Friday as we were leaving for Fredericksburg. Go to my facebook and check out the pics I got as I was trying the different combinations out.

Also, go see how cute McKenna has gotten. She's funny. She's really a...I was going to say ladies man, but that's not what I mean. She's the female version of the ladies man. She practically ran to Uncle Mark when he showed up, but just stared at me. She'll sit in his lab to watch him play computer games all day, but if I even *think* holding her, she'll whine. It's not just me, the same thing for my mom, and my sisters. Eh, it's not the end of the world.

Long-over due dinner information

Awhile ago, I was lamenting the fact that I just couldn’t seem to get into cooking dinner food stuff for Mark and me. However, I have two yummy top-of-the-list meals that I enjoyed making.

The first one, I made the other Sunday. Well, I didn’t make it, the crock pot that my mother-in-law gave me for a wedding present did. It was a pot roast, and it was delicious! I guess you can say I used my aunt’s recipe, but I think she forgot to write the directions on the recipe slip. But I mean, how much of a direction do you need to dump stuff in the crock pot? I needed quite a lot! I just sort of added stuff in
that I thought would taste yummy, and it worked!
When I mentioned that I might take the leftovers to work, Mark sounded so despondent that I had to refrain from taking it for lunch.

The second amazing meal I made was the ever famous chicken ring. When I started making it, I really had no clue how it was all supposed to come together. I had the chicken cooked, the crescent rolls were on the counter (still in the cans), and I was stumped. Like, I didn’t have a food chopper thingy, I didn’t know how the rolls were supposed to fit together, I didn’t how it would turn out with all that mayo that I was supposed to us. I hate mayonnaise. It’s really gross. But anyways, I managed. My friend Brie was over and she helped me figure the enigma out. I used my brand new food processor (brand new from my wedding, that is) and it worked way better than any pampered chef food chopper thing. I plugged it in, turned it on, and all the lights it the apartment dimmed. Great, I’m gong to blow the whole complex’s fuses with my super-mega processor. I dropped a piece of chicken in, and like BUZZ! it was in a million little pieces. Cool! I put them all in at once. Mr. Processor didn’t even slow down. It processed them like a fat kid on a donut. I used about a pound and a half of chicken, like my sister-in-law’s recipe called for, but I think even 1 pound would have been plenty. The fun part was trying to fit the crescent rolls around in a circle with them all touching equally, but with out them fighting. That took the longest. Finally, I just left two of them out and filled them separately. A lot of chicken, a little rolling, and little baking, and the master piece was finished! No leftovers, unfortunately.

Forgive the scattered layout, but I have grown frustrated with blogspot's picture inserting format ideas. So I'm sorry, but you'll just have to grin and bear it.