Look, it's Mark!

I had an interview last week Monday at a home health nursing agency called Visiting Angels. I'm going to be working part time as they need me. I'll be doing admission and initial assessments. They said they'll call me up when they have something for me to do. I'm going to have to use my own equipment, so I bought a nifty little wrist blood pressure cuff. Someone I worked with during my community health rotation in school mentioned she loved one she got. So I found one on Ebay for way cheaper than in a store. It's coming from Hong Kong...

Wednesday, I went to Newport News and Hampton for a job fair held by the hospital giant down there. They told me they had hired all the new grads they were allowed to for now, but there would be more positions opened in December. I'm supposed to contact them closer to November for a interview and stuff. That really works out well, because I have that Visiting Angels job and the flu clinic up until about then. And I won't be worried that all the positions will be filled by the time I can move down there.

Preschool and daycare are fun and exciting places to be, unless you catch the snotty nose from them, like I did. Nasty little buggars. But I really like it, I do. This one kid, Brandon, comes over to our house in the mornings about 630 or 7 until we go to school at 8. Well, When Mark was here a few weeks ago, when he moved down, Brandon was here. This kid remembers the weirdest stuff. Well, the other day, Brandon brings me a Mr. Potato Head he created. Eyes in a ear hole, one ear in his nose hole, the other in an arm hole, one arm on the top hole, the other in his mouth hole....you get the idea. He brings me this Frankenstein he made and says, "Look, it's Mark." He said it as calmly as if he was saying....the window is closed or something. But definitely serious as anything. It just cracked me up. I took a picture of it with my phone; I'll have to post it on here one of these days.


odds and ends

ever try to get something wrapped up, like a project, but you never can just get 'all the way done'?? well, ok, maybe you haven't but i have. like, I'll go get to organizing my dresser drawers, but by the time I'm at the last drawer, I'm so frustrated that i just mush them all in with out folding them. just a thought for today.

my job searching has turned out to be rather disappointing. I thought that I had two jobs, but they both decided that since I wasn't going to be staying throught the Christmas season that I didn't deserve a chance. at least, that's how it seemed to me. so I'll be working up in preschool. Trying to figure out how it all works up there is like trying to put a puzzle together blindfolded. It just ain't gonna happen. But I get to hang with kids all day, so that's a plus.

I'm scanning pictures for a slideshow that Mark supposedly is going to get ready. There might be too many pictures and we just might have to have 3 or 4 slideshows.... :) I was such a cute kid, I'm not sure what happened when I got to be about 13 or 14, but I at least started out good :)

ok, bed time.