Partying and Working

This is one baby who's growing up fast! McKenna is 13 months, and the biggest flirt ever! Don't be alarmed that she looks a big drunk or something, it's just the strawberry juice. She was in heaven with them. Those and sitting on her granddad's lap. She even managed to wipe her face on his shirt once or twice.

See that bit of strawberry poking out? That's not even 1/10 of the monster. It was probably as big as four of her fists. She devoured like 2 1/2 of them before moving on to juicy watermelon, which she ate by breaking pieces off then putting them her mouth. The poor strawberries just got shoved in...and up her nose it looks like there.

Did I mention that Wonder Woman from the last post also help head up this conglomeration of graduates, family, and friends? See that big strawberry on that plate? That's the one she was eating in the previous picture. The one that's half gone in her mouth was about that size as well. It's pretty much squishing that piece of watermelon. Oh, that's my brother Nick taking pictures with Bekah and Dad whilst McKenna munches away.

Now, I accomplished something that I had never tried before. I grilled. Not just "dad, let me flip them" but from start to finish, with the exception of lighting the grill. I have to admit, it was pretty fun. Now I know why guys like it so much. The flames, the smoke, the flames, the food, the flames!

You can kind of see some of the flames here, but that's nothing compared to what it was real life. Oh, yeah baby! Talk about flame broiled, those patties were basking in the flames! The hot dogs didn't fare to well, but I had never done it before, so how was I supposed to know to put the hot dogs on when the hamburgers were almost done?

Mark's playing X-box Live right now, and when I upload the pictures, it messes it up, so you'll just have to be patient to see the rest of the pictures tomorrow. I'm excited about putting them up here.

I can blog about my most recent accomplishment, since I can't blog about the previous recent one.

Today was my very first day all by my onsie on the floor as a nurse. All by myself as in, no one checking behind me to make sure I've charted on time, no one looking to see if I've given all the meds, no more "I'm Krystina, I'll be *one of your nurses today*." Nope, it was, "I'm Krystina, I'll be your nurse until this evening." I have to be honest, the day started out as very suspicious for a bad day. I woke up at 6:2somthing. Normally I'm up and stumbling about at 5:55 and out the door by 6:2something. Do you get the picture now?? Yeah, it was not a good start. Mark, he was so helpful and sweet, asking what he could do to help me get ready. He didn't have to work today, but he was up anyways. He toasted and cream cheesed a bagel for me :) I did make it to work on time though, well, on paper at least I clocked in at 6:45. But it turned out ok. Four of my five rooms were occupied. They all contained very nice people. I let one of them loose before 11am, so I had three peeps and two vacancies. I was praying all day that I wouldn't get two admissions. It doesn't sound like allot, but two admissions in one 12 hour shift is enough to make it a bad day. I think I had other people praying too, cause those two rooms sat empty with not even a prospect to fill them until about 6pm. Then was when IT happened. I realized that the new patient had the same last name as one of this neighbors. That wasn't going to fly. Can you see the confusion?? It's bad enough when there's two with the same names on one side of the tower, but on the same side of the hall, next to each other?? No way, Jose'! But I put him in the other empty room, that made him across the hall from same name guy. It all worked out. I have to go to bed, my husband is turning out the lights on me. I'll post the rest of the flaming pictures tomorrow, along with the radio fiasco.

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  1. So now you need a grill, right? Do you even have a place for it at your apartment? I grill outside all year round - there's nothing like the flavor, and it's really a healthy way to cook. And I KNOW that's what you're going for, right? Can't wait to see the rest of the pics.