Dickies summer Scrub line from Uniformed Scrubs

Back a while ago, kinda a long while ago...my bad...Uniformed Scrubs contacted me to review one of Dickies' medical scrubs for their spring and summer collection.
Since our hospital has gone to solid uniform colors, pickings for nurse scrub tops are slim. Well, they really aren't, but because any color/contrast that's not white or navy is not allowed, it seems like it. When Uniformed Scrubs contacted me to review a top of Dickie's spring line, I was happy to potentially find a favorite line, that would have variation with the style. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the color that Local Hospital wears, so I couldn't wear it at work. I did wear it around the house with the boys, and believe me, I did a LOT of movement in it. 

It's so so soft, almost as soft as a uber-expensive pair of scrubs I have. It's also long enough to not show my baby fluff. No drafting allowed here! It's made of thicker fabric than most, but that's good. I have this one top that is super thin, so I have to wear another shirt underneath. This one, would be fine without any extra clothes. And the pockets! I usually have my phone with me, because of my kids being at daycare. I hate to wear this one pair of pants because it doesn't have hip pockets, but this top would be my solution! It had double pockets on each side, so I can wear those pants with this top and not have to worry about my phone ending up like it got into a fight with my scissors. There's also a sleeve pocket, I've seen some people use their sleeves for hanging their badges on, not my cup of tea, but it'd work we'll. maybe a pen or two? I've also seen some wear our Nurse Tracker on it. Keeps it out of the way, but easily scanned by the system.

It's got cute details also- ribbon lining the slits at the waist, contrasting stitching here and there. It's pretty affordable too, as scrubs go. It comes in the usual colors, so if your hospital is like mine and gone to uniform colors it will work for you :)

If I had to start again with my medical scrubs, I'd totally buy one brand, especially to make sure that my shades of navy were all the same shade. And buying from one site, like Uniformed Scrubs, ensures that you can save on shipping, and exchanges would be so much easier with one site.
But that's not all! I have a discount code :) You can use "trueblue" to get 15% off until July 31 :)
You can find Uniformed Scrubs on Facebook, on Twitter at @UniformedScrubs, on Pinterest, and they even have a blog!

I'd love to buy the new spring/summer line from Dickies, from Uniformed Scrubs, if I had a reason to start my scrubs collection again.