Fresh air, or not...

Now, remember, these pictures are only a split second of time. Don't get it stuck in your mid that these pictures were...a common occurrence. I just happened to take the pictures at just the right time. I'm thinking when we get our grill, and most likely it will be a one level thingy, things will go more smoothly, and turn out more evenly. Also, Mark will most likely be around to help, instead of burying his head in my dad's truck engine. It was funny, half of the group was in the living room just kinda sitting in the awkward stage of "we're here, now what do we do?" The other half (the male half) were all cramming their heads under the truck's hood. So I took the initiative. I gathered up the burgers, the dogs, the plates, the flipper, and headed to the grill.

I guess the flames drew them.

Either that, or they mistook this for a smoke signal. I didn't think I knew Morse code, but apparently I signaled "I'm grilling the food. It's my first time. I hope there's something left when I'm done!" I thought I had it under control.

Everyone tried voicing their opinions of how to do it. But you know, there was not one burger left after people were done eating! And the one who complained the most about it, ate two!

The second batch of hot dogs cooked more evenly, since they didn't have the burgers heating things up underneath them.

I was really having fun grilling. I could get used to this. I'm also excited about having a grill at our new apartment. Not only does it mean that it'll add more variety to our menu, but I know Mark's going to want to play with the fire grill every now and then, so I wont have to.

Now, doesn't that look yummy?

After dinner, we (read almost all of us) went out to our back yard the school's soccer field to expend physical activity.

We started out attempting to play Frisbee, that's all we had at the time. No, Sarah's not catching it, although it would made a cool catching shot, she's attempting to aerate it. I think she ended just grounding it instead.

After a few near fatal accidents (one involving my forehead, eyebrow, fingers, and my sister's camera) we opted for a safer sport, big ball kickball.

I didn't get any pictures of that cause I was busy playing. I have to tell you, graduating college and getting married really takes a tole on one's physical endurance. My legs are still sore. Going to church the next day was tough. I never realized how many times we stand up and sit down. Monday was worse, going to work. If you remember, it was the day the alarm went on a vacation and I was off orientation. OH MY WORD! I felt 90 years old walking those halls. I think most of my patients walked better than I did yesterday.

After playing big ball kick ball, some people attempted to connect a bat with a whiffle ball. They say Bethany was trying to do just that, but really, I think she was lunging for the big ball. Just a few more steps, Bethany!

I'm not sure about this one. I know that stance looks familiar, but I can't place it into any sport I know of...maybe golf??

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