Should be called "people of Water Country USA"

We went to Water Country USA Saturday evening, and I really had to wonder at the peoples attire. Now, I know it's a water park, and many people are comfortable enough (some times TOO comfortable) with how their body looks to wear what they wear. But these made me ponder. I'll keep the mental images to a minimum :)
  • a tank top UNDER a bathing suit, so it wasn't too low cut. You want to know how I know it was a tank top and not an added triangle of fabric? because it stuck out underneath the bathing suit. I'm very familiar with not wanting to show all of one's cleavage, but if you're going to wear a bathing suit and NOT like what it shows, wear the tank ON TOP!
  • a "one piece" held together by a thin strip of material up the front. You those cars that are "convertible," but have a T piece in the middle? Yeah, like that. Just go for the bikini because it's all out there anyways.
  • jeans and a polo. He did have his swim trunks tucked under his arm, and in a strange coincidence I saw him later wearing his swim trunks, but why come in jeans and a polo? in 100+ degree weather?!
  • a strapless top (tankini type) with some sort of swimming pants. No joke. they went almost to her ankles (with cuffs) and she was in the water up to her knees, but her top was a regular bathing suit top.
  • a (I'm guessing Mulsim) girl in a hijab, with long sleeves and long pants. Her top was loose enough to be in par with their dress, but her pants...think spandex yoga pants. They filled every crease...I mean, doesn't the one negate the other?
What did me and my family wear? I wore this top (which was very popular there) and some sort of running-type shorts. My son's wore rash guard shirts (because they don't need to tan yet) and swim trunks. Mark wore and athletic-type of shirt (Under Armour, I think) and swim trunks. Could we be made fun of, sure. But this is my blog for my brain's workings.