Uh, who broke the knife?

I wasn't planning on just being lazy all day today, really. I had great plans. I was going to return the evil handmixer (the one I had ran away when we moved, so I got another one but that's another story). I was going to weed the garden and rediscover the flowers I planted. I was also going to do something else, but I forget. Unfortunately, life had other plans. I woke up about 3ish with a migraine, but for some reason staying in bed instead of taking some drugs seemed like a good idea...until this morning when it was still hanging around when MCM left for work. And it was still around when I dragged myself out of bed to shower. And it was still around when I met MCM for lunch. When it finally slunk its sorry little self off between 3 and 4ish, I had this weird burst of energy. I'm not saying all this for some pity, but to show you what I found when I was doing all the stuff I tackled.

It's a knife...broken in half. I *know* my brownies weren't that hard! I'll have to ask the hubs when he gets home. I think I know what happened though.

The further away the peanut butter is from the top of the jar, the more pressure you have to exert on the instrument getting the peanut butter out. Between the broken knifes and rust spotted forks, I think we'll need to buy a new set of fake silverware before our one year anniversary....

Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday

Die with dignity!

Two bugs! Two of them! One of them was alive! One of them was a roach! I screamed, not as dramatic, cause I'm alone, but I screamed out of frustration. These. Things. Will. Not. Go. Away. No matter what I do. Time to set those little poison things out. I don't relish finding dead roaches on the floor, but it sure beats finding an alive one under my laundry basket! Ever notice that the dead ones are always 'belly up' with their legs up and exposed? If I ever was an awful thing like that, I hope I'd at least have the dignity to keep my legs underneath me...

My prince wasn't home to save me, BUT he did ride to my rescue with his Dr. Pepper pants, on Saturday. First, I left my lunch at home. So he brought it to me before I started work, at like 640. As the day went on, and Hurricane Hanna came closer to Hampton, MCM came a second time to rescue me from a difficult situation. I was cold, as in "my hair follicles were tired after being so tense all day long" cold. He brought me a long sleeve shirt. No, he wasn't wearing his Dr. Pepper pants, but it was the middle of the day, so that's ok. Go check out my etsy shop, sugarberry07(dot)etsy(dot)com and see the new cards and stuff I'm putting on there.


"Mega-Disaster Preparedness"

How about the renovating, huh? I like it.

Yesterday at work, I was informed of a "disaster preparedness" plan that we have, and will be putting into effect this weekend. It came about because of TS(/hurricane) Hanna. "They" had this thought that half the staff should be at the hospital, and the other half should be ready to be called in case of mega-disaster. "They" wanted us there *before* the storm hit at 2am Saturday morning, so that made it about 11pm Saturday night that half the staff was supposed to show up. Guess which half I fell into? Yup, the half that had to be there Friday night. They're reasoning?...that I was supposed to work Saturday anyways, so I might as well be there...Yeah that's smart.

"Hey, let's have all the staff that's supposed to work Saturday morning, come in Friday night. Making them be awake and working all night long, so that when Saturday morning comes, they'll be in the groove and can work all day too!"

Just not a good idea. Granted, they were going to make places for us to sleep and split our 12 hour shifts into 6 hours, but still. *I* wouldn't want a nurse taking care of me who had been up awake during her sleep hours and awake hours. They'd probably even put us down in the Emergency Room to help with the "mega-disasters," huh?

But as you can guess, since I was talking in the past...They've called it off. Turns out Hanna isn't supposed to hit here until 12noon Saturday, and even then it's only supposed to be rain...we'll see about that.

It figures, I went out and bought nonperishable items, extra water, and bread, and milk, and a cooler in case our electricity goes gone. That all means it won't anything but a drizzle right? Good, that way, I'll be all ready for Ike and Josephine...and...Kosmo...and...Lorelei...and...Manuel...and who ever else decides to pop in over here. (Please note, I just made up those last three names, I'm not predicting anything)

MCM just had to measure the new TV we got because he wasn't sure it was a wide screen...now he measured my laptop screen...and locked himself in the closet...what am I gonna do with him? I love him!