I see blue booties in the future

We saw every inch of HIM! It's a boy! I do have the picture, but with no scanner you can't see it yet; she wrote on there "What a man!" :) I was so excited! I practically wanted to leap off the table and jump up and down, but I restrained myself and saved it for when we got in the car.

Yesterday was D-Day. What does that "d" stand for...I dunno, but I guess in this case, it'd be "U-Day." The technician was very nice and professional. She asked us if we wanted to know the sex, and said she had to do all her measurements first, then she'd 'search it out' (my words, not hers). She did all her stuff--the jelly was actually very warm!

Everything looked fine, except for some cysts on his...choroid plexus. Yeah, I had to refresh my brain anatomy with Google--they're the part of the brain that produces the cerebrospinal fluid that circulates through and around the brain and spinal cord. Here's a summary of what Vicky told us.

Found in conjunction with other abnormalities, it could mean something serious. But by themselves, they aren't dangerous or problem causing. It's just *if* there were other abnormalities, like a cleft lip, finger malformation, or a heart defect, then it'd be something to worry about. She checked out our son (EEKK!!), his hands, heart, and face, and found nothing else to indicate this defect (called trisomy 18 or, Edward's Syndrome). They'll reevaluate again, I think she said 24 weeks, but she said everything looked great.

We saw his face, in 3D! Well, as much as we could. He had his face squashed up against my uterus wall, and wouldn't move. His version of "You may now leave my personal bubble, thanks!" I'm going to be able to pick it up at my next appointment, next week. I'll for sure be putting them up here!

Ok, I need to go get ready to eat lunch with MCM. Thanks for stopping by!


Give me the baby drain any day!

I had a scare this morning. Since Bobbie Jo started moving, she's always been on the move. This morning, when I woke up, I realized that I hadn't felt her move since last night, earlyish, like 9:30 or so. I almost panicked, ok, I did panic. I was wide awake at 830am, poking and nudging my belly, just waiting for one little kick. Just one. I would have called the doctor's office, but they don't open til 9 anyways. So I googled. "They" said that the baby's probably just being lazy, and to hold off calling the doc until the rest of the day went with out any movement. So I ate breakfast, showered and got dressed, and Bobbie Jo decided to wake up. Apparently, she's a late sleeper like me :) What can I say?

Now, before you blast me with comments of how wonderful it's a girl...we find out on Tuesday if it's a he or she. I just go back and forth between he and she, so that I don't get too attatched to one or the other. I think it's working. I did the ring on a string hanging over the belly thing, to see if it's a boy or girl thing...it first swung back and forth (or a boy), then continued into circles (girl), THEN back to back and forth...and yet again back to the circles...I guess he likes to keep people guessing. All I can say is, he'd better cooperate on Tuesday and not hide or be shy or anything like that!

I was going to expound upon other stuff, but alas, this baby has drained my brain once again. Not that I'm complaining, I mean, I'd rather have my brain drained and my baby moving, than an intact brain and empty arms.


This and That

I’ve got a lot in my mind that needs to come out. Unfortunately, these ideas are like rascally two year old that run from you as soon as you even look in their direction. But the main things…

I’ve been feeling Bobbie Jo moving around a lot. At first I didn’t pay much attention to it, just figuring it was gas or something. After all, I’ve got plenty to spare. But then I realized it was always in the same area, felt the same. It feels like I’m being flicked from the inside. Never mind the “butterflies” or a “fluttering sensation,” this baby goes for the punch! Thankfully, it’s nothing that keeps me awake at night, but I’m sure that’s coming, right?

This morning, Bobbie Jo was moving a bit, so I put MCM’s hand on my tummy, and she graced him with a movement, like immediately. I’m glad he was able to feel it :D

We’re headed to my parent’s house for the weekend. I’m eager to show off my baby bump, and have someone go clothes shopping with me. The rubber band trick isn’t cutting it any more. I need some elastic-ness to keep the pants from looking like the ghetto boys who have to hike theirs up after every 1/3 step.

Blondie and I are going to Kohl’s. You know those peely coupons they send off to you. They say “get 10, 15, or 30% off” as if they really give *anyone* those 30% coupons, I know I never do. BUT for this one! I got the 30% off one!!

Then, tonight, I’ve got a date! MCM and I are triple dating with Blondie, her boyfriend, and my parents.

All those thoughts have scattered, and I’m left grasping at…nothing really. Besides I’m in the truck typing this and using battery power that doesn’t ever seem to last long enough.

But, oh! Before you do go, I’m in need of some advice. We’ve picked out a boy’s name, Brendon Cole/Creed. But here’s the thing. *Everyone* wants to say braaandon instead of breeendon. I don’t want to have to correct everyone every time they say ‘Oh Brandon that’s cute.’ “No dummy, listen, I said Brendon.” So….if you happen to know of a name that fits with Cole or Creed, mind letting me borrow it? I don’t want something boring and common. I’m looking for something a little more rare, not weird, though.

Ready? Set! Go!


News Flash

So I was reading through my blog reader, and this popped up. It's a give away for a sling! Well, three slings to choose from, but still. Head over to Bits and Pieces from My Life and check it out!


....I forget...

So much pressure to blog, sheesh. Whatever. Here's a picture of the Bump. I took them Monday, I think. I can't be sure of anything these days. I'm really suffering from baby brain. Speaking of baby brain, I was shopping at Wal*Mart today, you know, for groceries and food and food and stuff. Here's the thing, I set my wallet in the trunk while I load the groceries, and stick the keys in my pocket, just in case. But not today. Today, I dropped the keys in the trunk with my wallet. Today, I forgot the keys weren't in my pocket. Today, I locked my wallet, my keys, AND my phone in the trunk...before I had unlocked the doors. I briefly considered throwing myself at the feet of a stranger to let me use their cell phone...then I remembered that stores have phones too...So I walked back through the door to the customer service, all the while flipping back and forth between sobbing and and laughing my head off...I called my Knight in Dr Pepper Pants to come save me. But since they were in the wash or something, he didn't come wearing them. At least, he did come, right?

I think that's it. I can't be sure any more these days...
I hope it gets better. I've got good help from my coworkers though. Most of them are parents, completely understand, and laugh with me when I cannot remember their names.

Mom, if you come visit you can see it for real!