the radio's installment

This is a...what's it called...out of print? No. Like when they don't make it any more, or something like that? Yeah, that's what I meant, but I guess I totally blew that moment.

These are my tools. I should have had Mark's hands in there too, but I didn't think about it 'til now. I think they were invaluable tools. I never could have done it with him. Oh yeah, notice the dark chocolate? A very necessary necessity. When I get frustrated, I use it :)

The initial incision

Oh, I'm sorry, it's sideways. I forgot I had a few that were like that. Turn your head. Or your computer, which ever is easiest.

Whoa look at it's guts!

Good-bye old. Can you see my toenails shining? I painted them right before I went over there.

Hello new.

My wonderful husband using his muscles to crimp those nasty crimpy things.

They make a pretty good picture, dontcha think?

I took over the part of the taping, so it would be even and nice. I know it's not going to show, but just the fact that I'd see it all ugly and stuff...it drives me nuts!

Don't ask.

Beautiful, no?

I was waiting for Mark to come back and help me out, so I decided to see what it looks like in the middle of my car. Nothing to get excited about.

Remember what I said about that chocolate?

Almost finished...

All done! Doesn't it look sniffy and cool? I just forgot to plug the lighter plug back in.

I think we make a pretty good team.

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