getting prepared

So I guess I need to get things moving on Show-n-Tell. I tried super hard to get somethings to giveaway, but I've only been able to get a hold of one company, to give something away. But I will keep trying. Anyways, here's how It's going to plan out. If I have a giveaway, I'll simply add that on at the end of the review. Right now I own 9 different newborn/small diaper types. That gives a review/giveaway every 2-3 days, plus some items that go with cloth diapers, but aren't diapers (cryptic, I know!) In case you wanted to get a head start and make sure that you like them on FB, just in case there is a giveaway ;)



Nifty Nappy (review only, since she's not selling any more :( )



Happy Heinys

Charlie Banana

Rockin Green

SugarBaby Diapers

Anyone want to give me a invitation to Rafflecoptor?? I love using it!


While I prop my eyelids open with my fingers-

-it's time to let all these random things out. You ready for my musing and venting?

*you would speed past me, while I was doing 50 mph in a 45 mph zone, and get in front of me; only to slow down to 30 mph in a 35 mph zone?!?

*grocery shopping while 30 weeks pregnant cannot be rushed. I forgot something and tried to rush to grab it so I wouldn't be late for lunch, and ended up being, short-winded and nearly colliding with someone else's cart.

*I lost my temper with Brendon this afternoon during nap time and I still feel awful. He was playing with my nose/eyes/face and I was trying to sleep. I snapped at him and he cried :( Bad mommy. I apologized and rocked him to sleep.

*When 10 pm rolls around, I'm so tired. And it's after 10, so I'm going to take myself to bed.


Are you ready?

I'm starting to get excited for this. I hope I don't get overwhelmed trying to juggle this, a newborn and a 2 year-old at the same time!