Nurses' Appreciation Week

This past week at the Careplex was Nurses’ Appreciation Week. The mayor of the city of Hampton officially declared May 5th through May 12th of 2008 Nurses’ Appreciation Week in the city of Hampton. See, Hampton is not in a county. It is it’s own city with it’s own mayor. There’s definite line of demarcation between Hampton and Newport News. Like, our apartment complex is in Hampton, yet just a little 5 minute drive down the road, Mark’s work is in Newport News. Whatever.

Anyways, for nurses’ week, they gave us all memos about wearing white and wearing our cap from graduation. I didn’t have white scrubs, so I had to go shopping. I mean, I got to! It was a long time since I had been shopping for something I needed, rather than, let’s see what they have on sale. I tried on many white tops with white pants. Finally, I found one I liked the best. The lady at the place was trying to be helpful. She told me she had this dress (horrifying images of clinicals paraded through my head) that was short, like mid-thigh. And she was going on about spandex and shorts and tights.

You cannot imagine my relief when, in a disappointment filled voice, she said someone must have bought it already. I wasn’t sure how I was going to explain to her that I wasn’t interested, but I didn’t have to. So here’s my outfit. As for my hat, I accidentally left it on the couch when I left. It was truly on accident, cause my preceptor and I were going to wear out caps together. But oh well, it’s ok.

Yeah, I dressed up for pictures. Your point is?

The infamous hat. It's kinda squished now. It got piled under a bunch of stuff, and I finally found it and rescued it Friday as we were leaving for Fredericksburg. Go to my facebook and check out the pics I got as I was trying the different combinations out.

Also, go see how cute McKenna has gotten. She's funny. She's really a...I was going to say ladies man, but that's not what I mean. She's the female version of the ladies man. She practically ran to Uncle Mark when he showed up, but just stared at me. She'll sit in his lab to watch him play computer games all day, but if I even *think* holding her, she'll whine. It's not just me, the same thing for my mom, and my sisters. Eh, it's not the end of the world.


  1. What, you don't still have the graduation dress you wore at your pinning ceremony?? I'm sure that would have been nice to wear--NOT! LOL

  2. The hat is bigger than you are!