It's been a while...

I've been lurking on other blogs, and I was reminded that there's people waiting for my posts. I didn't realize that people would be checking it out, like, expecting something. So it's not fair to keep anyone hanging. Here's I did last Saturday.

MCM and I went down to Norfolk for the commissioning of the George H. W. Bush. It was cold, packed, but a good...we hung out with good friends. If I remember right, it's the last ship of it's kind (but I forget what kind), and there's about 5,500 crewmen. And, I think it's going down to Florida.
We heard some speeches, quite a few actually. They passed on the orders, raised the colors, did all this stuff, and then they made the ship come alive. All the sailors who were standing in nice neat rows began to run on to the ship. They ran and ran and ran until they were all lined up along the edge of the carrier. Pretty cool, huh?
Then, at the end of it all we were buzzed by these jets, and also an older looking prop plane. Then we went to Applebees with another couple, also pregnant, and ate until our bellies were twice the size we were when we started. When we got home, I pretty much passed out on the couch for all afternoon. I like naps. I have more belly pics, but they're still on my camera...I'll see if I can pry them out.