It's beginning to look a lot like MerryFluffy Christmas!

A Merry Fluffy Christmas starts tomorrow!! You can check it out here or here, that I know of. Good luck!


KiddoTags: Review

So, as you know I make cloth diapers. I'm having a blast doing it, but just recently, I realized I needed some sort of tag. Right now, to label BAM's diapers (not that someone is going to steal them, but because everything else gets labeled, too!) and in the future to label any I sell. Yeah, I realized that I just sold three of them, and no, they didn't have a label or tag, but I'm crossing my fingers that she'll like them, want more and tell her friends. Then I can buy a pack of pencil thins to do the job. 

However, I was offered, kinda volunteered too, to test them on some new cloth diapers. I got them in the mail last night. I chose the polka dots, orange with a worm and our last name. They turned out cute, I think.
First, you need to cut them apart, like you see next to the two diapers on the left. I didn't put them on the two middle diapers, because I found newer diapers to put them on. The outer diapers, green/yellow, and big dots, are two of my newest. They've been washed, but only worn once or twice. So, they qualify as new, right? The other two I used are new-new. I just made one today, and the other one hasn't been made yet, just cut.

Close up of fleece
 Then you iron the diaper first, just the diaper. Not sure why, but I'm sure there is a reason. Maybe to make sure there is no wrinkles and the materials iron...

Then you have to peel the BACK off. Now, I got stumped on this part. The back is kinda cloudy (like you see in the picture) and the front is clear. The front comes of so, so, so easily and I had no clue how to get the back off. The first two I picked off, and though it disturbed the label, when I ironed it, you can't tell. Then, I realized that if you get it started, and fold back the back part, the label will stay mostly stuck to the front.

So, place the white side down, and keep the top clear part still on it. Then, iron it again for about 13-18 seconds. I did one about 20 seconds, and it's ok. I even did one with the iron moving and the iron in place, and it didn't matter. I did cover the sticker with a piece of the t-shirt I was using to cover my coffee table (classy, I know, but I broke our ironing board!)
imagine this picture followed by me ironing it
 After that, remove the clear plastic while it's still warm. It'll actually come right off. You'll be able to tell that the label has been melted a little. They stick really well, and actually have a little give, which is important on the green/yellow fleece cover because it needs a little stretch.

So, this is what I ended up putting the labels on. The top two are fleece, and the bottom two are cotton flannel. Due to the fuzziness of the fleece, the label seems to just sit on top, but it's stuck on there really well. I even tried to pick it off, and it's not coming off! When Brendon wakes up from his nap, I'll get a picture of him in one, look for it on my facebook page! 

So, I love them! And I found a chance for you to win them. Go enter this giveaway at iheartgiveaways for a chance to win a $25 credit. Or not, because it'll lessen my chances to win! LOL Just kidding, go enter!

Wordless Wednesday: 1 1/2 going on 16

Brendon is fascinated with the iPod. He begs to carry it around, and even puts the earbuds up to his ears. My toddler teenager.



I have a hangnail that has caused my finger to swell. It's bright red (think Lightening McQueen red) and throbbing and tender and hot. All the rest of my fingers are cold except that one.

If Brendon is fussy and whiny in the car, I'll take his shoes off, and he's instantly happier. No, his shoes are not too small. It's the same way for his socks. Me, I get happier as soon as I put my socks on!

I had about 2 hours of sleep Saturday night. Excedrin Migraine is a great discovery, but the bad side is that the caffeine lasts longer in my system. Good thing I didn't have to work the next day.

My favorite long sleeve shirt (for work, that is) has holes in the left elbow and right arm pit. It's threadbare, has been around for 3 years and I'm not getting rid of it! Ok, maybe I will.

Our neighbors have the weirdest conversations when I'm peeing. Maybe they always have weird conversations, and I just happen to hear them when I pee. See, our bathrooms have a shared wall, and I'm guessing since it's only a bathroom, they didn't bother to insulate it as well as another wall. Something like that. When Mark was using ours, their kid peed in the potty. He cheered.

I don't wash my hair every day, and I like it. I can't go more than two days, else I feel like a oily mop.

I decided I love Lemongrass Spa Products, but that is planned for Things I love Thursdays.

My feet are cold and I'm going to wrap them up in my blankets.

Can I rant for a minute (or 20)?

Seriously, are people honestly dumb and oblivious, or do I just attract that kind of population? Come on, guys! At work, to get into the CCU (critical care unit) you have to be buzzed in. There is a phone that rings at two nurses stations. One is for rooms 1-8 and the other 9-16. Once approved, the door clicks-your signal that it's unlocked. You do need to pull on it to go through it. It's not automatic and will NOT open for you. Once you go through the door, there is a sign right in front of you telling you that rooms 1-8 are to the left and 9-16 to the right. Granted, it says "<-- 3c1-3c8, 3c9-3c16 --->" so I can see how that would be confusing, since all the rooms are not listed. I mean, who's to say where 3c3 would be. I guess you could just pick one, or try to think (gasp!) logically that room 3c2 would be close to 3c1...or maybe not. But let's say that you go right, looking for room 3c4. Ok, look at the first room you come to. See the room number right at eye level next to the door, 3c9?? No? What about the one right above the doorway? Great. Now, go to the next one. If it goes down, you're getting closer. If it goes up, turn around and go the other way. Oh, look room 3c8, and now room 3c7. Think that if you keep going, you might run into 3c4? Hmm, somehow, I don't think you were any good at those questions "Look at the pattern 'A B C A B _' and fill in the blank. But, if you must ask for directions, try to explain which room you're looking for. I mean, I don't know who you are. I have no clue what relation you are to which ill person. If you tell me, "I'm looking for my sister-in-law's mama's boyfriend's son" I will look at you blankly and wish I could tell you he jumped out the window. So you give me the person's name, just make sure you give him the last name. I don't really know them by Jimmy or Amanda. I barely remember their last name (I really don't want to get personal with them, beacsue some don't have good outcomes). Or, you could just tell me which room. And, to make it even more fun, mix the letters up. Or, add in a few extra ones. 8-3c and 3-8c and 3bc6 and 7cc3 make me want to cry. But I can't put the blame solely on the ignorant masses. We have information desks who's job is to--get this!-- tell people which room they're looking for. So, theoretically, when Ms Distant-friend wants to be nosy and see how Ms ChestPain is doing, the information desk's job is to hand them a sticker and say "Ms ChestPain is in room 3c4" (3cc4 would have been acceptable, too). If the visitors forget this, which is totally understandable on the journey up the elevator shaft, they could look on the sticker. It says which room AND which floor, AND they're color coded!! So, if you get off on the 3rd floor and try to get into room 4cc5, I will NOT let you in, no matter what floor you think this is. Yes, I will make you walk the long trek back to the elevator to go up one more floor. Yes, you will have to pick up the phone up there too.
One more thing. This is super important! We have restrictions on visitors AND visiting hours. They are posted on the sign that says "Please read before entering CCU." I'm just going to hit the most important ones.
  • NO visitors allowed until 8am and between 6pm and 8pm, and after 9/10pm (that's pretty vague, but I tell people 9pm, so the sick ones can sleep.) I do make an exception if momma is jumping out of bed and you can keep her in bed, or if daddy is *this close* to dying. I'm not heartless!
  • NO food or drink. Yeah, you really want to pick up some of these bugs we keep here. MRSA in your mouth, anyone?
  • NO kids under 12. Kids are germy. We have many compromised bodies back here. They don't need extra germy.
  • Only two visitors at a time. We do have reasons. First, when all 6 of you are here, there is no room for me, and I can promise you that what I'm doing is more important that what you are. Second, if auntie were to spiral down, you 6 would be taking up too much room that our code cart could not fit and she might die. Third, these room are small and close. Yes, granddaddy might not be critical, but the one next door is, and all your rambutioning is distressing him. Fourth, it's easier for me to deal with you two at a time. That's my honest reasoning. I don't want to, nor have to, explain myself to your whole family. My job is for the body in the bed and wife/husband/SO.
I am not afraid to enter a room and enforce said rules. I have done this on many occasions. I don't care who you are or who your family is. On that sign that you were supposed to read, it says that nursing staff have the right and ability to change the rules if needed. If there are two people in the room, and I deem it best (for my sanity and grammie's) that you leave now, you'd better leave.

I've had visitors bang on our entry door when they couldn't figure out how to open it. Not just knock, like full fisted banging. When he passed by, I asked him (very politely!) "Sir, please do not bang on the door. I don't want it broken or you hurt." I thought it was appropriate, I guess I was wrong, because he glared at me and said "I AIN'T GONNA BREAK YOUR DOOR!!" Well, excuse me, but if YOU do, YOU don't end up paying for it. I DO, in lost bonus and budget cuts. And if I tell you that we are closed for visitors due to daily rounds (docs, pharmacy, nutrition, RN have a powwow), don't threaten me. I KNOW FOR A FACT that your daddy is not leaving in 5 minutes to go down for his test. His nurse is in rounds and will be for 5 more mins, plus, transportation isn't that timely! (Side note, he didn't go down for 3 more hours!) Yup, all the same disrespectful visitor. Sad though, his dad came back a few days later, ended up going to OR had a major complication and died. But, that still doesn't excuse his son's/grandson's behavior (not sure which he was).

I deserve as much respect as you do. Just because I'm getting paid to wipe that butt doesn't mean that you can treat us like scum. You want us to respect you, respect us. Thanks.

Just to clarify, not every visitor is like this, but the bad ones over-shadow the good ones. The good ones bring us fudge and cookies and home-baked goodies :D


Haven't we met before?

Every single time I wanted to blog, something bigger and better came around. I hope it doesn't feel neglected.

Thanksgiving, my side of our family is getting together at my parent's house. We're not only eating Thanksgiving dinner, but we're doing Christmas a little early. I started buying the presents for the little ones. I've got three nieces and one nephew to buy for. I got one done, two planned, and one no clue.  But on top of that, I have three single sisters, one single brother, one brother/sister-in-law combo (though I might just have to buy Tata something, because I found the cutest thing for her!), one brother and one SIL, and my parents. Man, that's a lot of people!

But I can do it. Why? Because I am determined and because we have one of our student loans paid off! Yay for a few extra $$ each month! Not that we're going wild, but it'll be nice to a little more wiggle room. Maybe a few less bills that have to go a few days late. Some days, I hate money. Why can't we go back to bartering? I've got some mad sewing skills!

I dropped Brendon off at a friend's house so I could go to breakfast with some female friends (which I was totally late for and missed) then do some shopping at outlets! I found the perfect present for Blondie!! It fits her personality and I really think she'll like it. I got some clothes for BAM (what else is new, huh?) and some little things for MCM's stocking (I'm super excited about those!) and some ideas for stocking stuffers for MCM's sisters/mom's stockings. and I got...oh, some BBW foaming soaps for said friend and for MCM's boss's wife.

MCM's sister has a preggo eggo! It's their third kid, and I'm cheering for a boy. I said they could use BAM's clothes, because she's due end of May, close enough to use the sizes we have for the right seasons. That fact, just guarantees that it will be a girl. But, then they're set on those because the first two kids are girls as well. Adorable things, but so very talkative! I think they need a man child running around. But then, he'd grow up with three mothers. Not a guess, a proven fact!

Isn't he just growing up way too fast? Already acting like a teenager, what with his iPod and earbuds and leaving his dishes every where. Oh, and he has one molar 1/2 way through with 1 more starting and the other 2 bulging. Poor guy, he is so cranky these days. I keep the Tylenol and Ibuprofen and Ora-gel close by during the night.


the ones i like the best

 Here's some of the diapers I've made that I like the best.

This is just a cover, which is why it's shiney :) it's ended up being really big, so I had to add some more soft velcro on the outside of the wings.

 I haven't used this one, so I don't know how well it works, but in theory it works great! it's just a fitted, non-waterproof. and will need an insert, but it's adorable!

This is an all-in-one, with no binding because I ran out, but didn't want to stop sewing! HA! It's super soft on the outside, a little pilly on the inside, but the 'wetzone' or whatever that area is is lined with the outside fleece, so it's soft on his...you know...stuff.

On a different note, my very first commercial diaper arrived today! I saved up my swagbucks for amazon gift cards a Kushies ultra lite toddler diaper, and it came today! I washed it right away intending to use it, but I was lazy and didn't get it finished (meaning dried, too) before it was Brendon's bedtime. So, I'll have to wait until Friday at least. Sadness!


Reason # 17 why I don't like winter

There is never enough hot water for me to wash and shampoo my hair, loofah my body , wash and exfoliate my face, and shave and moisturize BOTH my legs--all of my legs. It never works well for me to wash my face at the sink. About 7 gallons of water end up on the floor when I do that. And shaving my legs at the sink? Forget about it! And if Mark showers in the morning instead of the night before, I barely have enough hot warm water to finish rinsing my hair. If I leave out one of those things, I'm all out of whack, believe me, I've tried it.


photo hunt: alive

The flowers that dad helped me plant are thriving, now that the desert heat is gone. They've pretty much taken over my flower bed just like I wanted!


Wordless Wednesday (a few days late)

Wow, it's been a while since a did a wordless Wednesday. So without further ado:


Mommy Jewelry

I never win things. Like, never-ever. But one time, I did. I won a Lisa Leonard gift card! Lisa makes silver jewelry, and it's adorable. 

It's really small, but I don't really like big bling. The chain is pretty short, so it doesn't really get obscured by my clothess

It came with the pearls (adorable!) and two tiny disks. I paid extra for the third one, but we have three people in the family, so I needed three.

It'll be easy to add another charm when we have another baby, and really, they're super affordable. Last Thanksgiving, on Black Friday, I scored one of those birthstone babies at Kohl's. With Black Friday prices, it still cost about $20. And that's only for the charm. Granted, it's a little more involved, with a jewel, and it's gold, but this LLD necklace? $49 includes two charms and each charm is $9 more. So, that's $58 for three charms, a pearl, and the chain. I had to use my own necklace for the birthstone baby. Don't get me wrong, I love that one, too. 

But I can have a more recent love, right?

Plus, if you go sign up for the newsletter, you'll get a 15% off code in your first newsletter.

I was not paid, persuaded, or reimbursed for this post, it's just a newly acquired possession and I love it!


Monday Madness

Just consider me as  Epic Fail. That's what I'll answer to now. Thanks.


We have been busy. Well, we're always busy. We rearranged our living room, cleaned out monster loads of junk, reorganized the black hole a.k.a. the downstairs closet. I cut up and cooked a pumpkin, and I used my crock pot twice (and currently cooking with it now). We had a Harvest Party, and we went trick-or-treating at Bass Pro Shop. I carved a pumpkin, but it flopped.

I wanted to get Brendon's picture taken at the Picture People, but I had no time to make an appointment and keep it, and I had no $$ to pay their awful prices for their really good picture. So, I took some of my own. Not professional, but the wall of our house is a nice brick with just the slightest bit of green moss to  make it look kinda oldy. I'll get those printed...eventually.

Oh, I tackled Mt. Laundry. I climbed to the top and planted my flag. I carved stepping stones to aid in my journey. I put it way and emptied the baskets. It's now a much more reasonable pile, I promise. Mostly towels and sheets, and Mark's work clothes.

I fell down the stairs

It was totally stupid. I picked Brendon up as he got to the top, because he followed me. I was wearing socks, and got to about 1/2 down, slipped and bump-bump-bumped 8 or 9 steps down. It mostly was my right side, but my hip got the brunt of it. Ouch. I landed on the bottom and was bawling. Like, it didn't really hurt, but I had Brendon in my arms and I was worried that he smacked his head. He was really scared and shook up, but I think my crying bothered him. He buried himself in my arms and just sat there. I regained control of my weeping and kinda laughed. He smiled and laughed too, so I knew he was OK. I was so scared for him. I kept Brendon busy, and I really don't think he got hurt at all.

And, we're making a wreath with handprint leaves. I think we'll take it to my parents for thanksgiving, because they have a glass door in front of their front door, so it won't get wet. More pics on that later.

Sir Shrek

beautiful pumpkin with  mossy wall (before Sir Shrek)

what a mean game, "eat the donut but don't touch it." Yeah, right!

it's the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Good news! I have my first diaper customer. It was an alchemy request from Etsy, and I'm super excited about it. Also, I'm going to make some medium and small fleecies and offer them to my facebook friends. Medium is about 25lbs (that's what Brendon wears), so I'll say small would be about 15lbs. They're stretchy, too, so they can go higher or lower than that.