I love being Mama

I've missed my sewing machine. I keep hoping that each day I'll get a call that it's ready for me to pick it up. Thankfully, I've got some awesome family that let me borrow one. I'll admit, it's more primitive than mine. It's about half the size. But don't let it's size fool you! It sews so smoothly, like...like...yeah, a hot wheels car rolling across my kitchen floor :D

I finished some fleece soakers for a trade for a wool soaker for the newest bambino :) I think I'm ready to have him in my arms. But I need to stay patient, because GEM still has some growing to do. He'll come out when he's ready, and I'm going to be more patient than when BAM was headed this way.

Brendon is really growing up, it makes my heart hurt to see him change so much from my baby boy to this kid. I'll look over at him as he's wielding his spoon so gracefully (as the pudding drops into his lap). It also makes me so proud to see how much he's learning. He loves his daddy. He tries to do everything Mark does. The other night at dinner, we were eating some burrito type thing, and he only wanted to eat the shell separately, then I showed him that daddy was eating it together. And that's all he needed to hear. He picked up a clump of rice and meat, and wrapped it up and chowed down. Granted, he squashed half of the innards out into his lap, but he loved it!

But there are days when I still see my baby boy. When he wakes up and has the sleepiness still all over his face, he looks at me and goes "Mama. Muk." I guess that's all he sees, someone who gets his sippy of milk. Speaking of which, he's awake, time for post-nap snuggles (:


Need a good cause?

Blended family of 5 is hosting a giveaway, and attempting to raise money for a children's book to giveback to the people who had her back while her daughter was being treated for Progressive Infantile Scoliosis. Go check it out!


A Tree Huggin' Baby Event

OOOOOO!! A baby event + a cloth diaper event = a cloth diaper/baby event! The sum is better than the parts! Go check out Tree Huggin' Mama for more information on this event!
I'm super excited, because I really want to win some fluff! It's been a while since I won something :)