My baby sister's all grown up!

This weekend was Rebekah's high school graduation. She's on her way to conquering the world! The picture's not great, but she's the only one with long curly blonde hair, so it's gotta be her! These are the kids that were so annoying to be around, the little 7th graders that were just taking up space in the hall ways.

One of the kids that graduated, his dad is a Master Something over in Iraq. He couldn't get off to come home because he was so important over there. But they were able to set up a live video feed both ways so he could watch his baby son graduate. Before it all started, he came on screen and gave the students a little...something speech. It was touching. But he is scheduled to come home soon, I know that much.

Those things are actually empty. They always are. And don't expect to get your diploma automatically. I didn't get mine, and I realized that I hadn't gotten it well into my second semester of my freshman year of college. No, it was my second year of college. I had to call them up, and say, can you send me my diploma, please? I guess I had forgotten to do something...I don't remember. The moral of the story-it's just a piece of paper, but it makes you feel grown up.

There she is, shaking the...someone important, but the best teacher...'s hand. I'm not exactly sure what her official title is, besides science teacher, Bible teacher, Bible quiz team teacher, math teacher and yearbook overseer, she's also the one who heads up all sorts of school fundraisers, gives out awards, schedules senior/junior everythings. I guess she's like the...Wonder Woman of FBC.

The one in the black holding the camera and smiling, is one of my other sisters Bethany. I'm assuming the guy she's standing next to is...Jonathan...I mean, why else would she have that dorky grin of her face?

Now, go check out the other posts, I don't want to mess up my format by uploading more pictures. For the record, I didn't take any of these pictures, so don't blame the quality, or lack thereof, on me. I had forgotten my camera in the car, and I would have been late if I had gone back to get it.

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