Long-over due dinner information

Awhile ago, I was lamenting the fact that I just couldn’t seem to get into cooking dinner food stuff for Mark and me. However, I have two yummy top-of-the-list meals that I enjoyed making.

The first one, I made the other Sunday. Well, I didn’t make it, the crock pot that my mother-in-law gave me for a wedding present did. It was a pot roast, and it was delicious! I guess you can say I used my aunt’s recipe, but I think she forgot to write the directions on the recipe slip. But I mean, how much of a direction do you need to dump stuff in the crock pot? I needed quite a lot! I just sort of added stuff in
that I thought would taste yummy, and it worked!
When I mentioned that I might take the leftovers to work, Mark sounded so despondent that I had to refrain from taking it for lunch.

The second amazing meal I made was the ever famous chicken ring. When I started making it, I really had no clue how it was all supposed to come together. I had the chicken cooked, the crescent rolls were on the counter (still in the cans), and I was stumped. Like, I didn’t have a food chopper thingy, I didn’t know how the rolls were supposed to fit together, I didn’t how it would turn out with all that mayo that I was supposed to us. I hate mayonnaise. It’s really gross. But anyways, I managed. My friend Brie was over and she helped me figure the enigma out. I used my brand new food processor (brand new from my wedding, that is) and it worked way better than any pampered chef food chopper thing. I plugged it in, turned it on, and all the lights it the apartment dimmed. Great, I’m gong to blow the whole complex’s fuses with my super-mega processor. I dropped a piece of chicken in, and like BUZZ! it was in a million little pieces. Cool! I put them all in at once. Mr. Processor didn’t even slow down. It processed them like a fat kid on a donut. I used about a pound and a half of chicken, like my sister-in-law’s recipe called for, but I think even 1 pound would have been plenty. The fun part was trying to fit the crescent rolls around in a circle with them all touching equally, but with out them fighting. That took the longest. Finally, I just left two of them out and filled them separately. A lot of chicken, a little rolling, and little baking, and the master piece was finished! No leftovers, unfortunately.

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