Things I've Learned From TV

My increasing exposure to the medical field has awoken my sarcastic attitude toward TV shows with medical stuff in them. Like, House, MD and ER. It makes me laugh, watching these shows. Let's start with ER.
  1. Every single patient is seen by at least one, usually more than one, doctor within seconds of walking through the door (or riding on a stretcher through the door).
  2. The doctors take a personal interest in each person's little problems.
  3. The various doctors communicate with each other, at the patient's bedside.
In reality...
  1. Every patient has to wait at least 30 minutes before the registration people come in to see them.
  2. They don't.
  3. Their communication between each other exists of a written order stating, "Change patient to Dr. So-in-So's care at 7am, and inform him of the change."

As for House, MD, I guess the title should be enough to let you know that it basically only portrays "MD's" not nurses. If there are nurses, they're the ones that come running a doc yells, "I need a nurse in here!"
  1. Doctors hang IV meds, give patients pills, run lab tests, etc.
  2. The doctors personally give pain medications to make them comfortable.
  3. CPR/Code Blue is started by a doctor.
In reality...
  1. The closest they come to giving any medications is thinking about it and writing it down.
  2. We nurses have to squeeze anything stronger than Tylenol out of them like they were Ebeneezer Scrooge and we were Bob Cratchet.
  3. They attend the Code Blue, but leave the sweaty work to nurses.
I'm not complaining about how they are, I'm just laughing at how good TV likes to make it appear. Of course, it doesn't stop me from watching House on Mondays at 9pm :) If I remember, that is.

I had plans to show the great change in our apartment. After working Thursday and Friday (twelve hours shifts), then driving after work Friday to my parents' house for the weekend, coming back Sunday in time for church, and then working again Monday and Tuesday (twelve hour shifts again), the apartment was a disaster zone. But I really didn't want to be embarrassed by physical pictures. But now, it's like...clean!

Did I mention that Mark's family is coming down? They are, the second week in July. I think they're coming from like Saturday through Sunday of the next following week. Mark's mom, dad, sister with her daughter, other sister, and brother are all coming. The only one not coming is Josh, Mark's bother-in-law, who just started a new job. Have you seen the space we have here? Granted, we'll be in the town house by then, but it's not THAT much bigger. But it'll be fun, I've taken that week off, but Mark still will be working. I guess that means I'll have to make real meals. Got any ideas for some easy yummy lunch or dinner foods?

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