Still pregnant, still kicking

37 6/7ths weeks...it sounds so...forlorn when said that way. Just round up, can't you? It's 38 weeks, sheesh...

I was sitting on the exam bench, "waist down" with a paper sheet waiting for Midwife to come in (they're words, not mine). I had shifted a few times to keep from getting stiff, and realized that the paper covering the vinyl bench was stuck to my butt. Not only did it stick to me, it ripped when I tried to unstick it. It ripped because I was sweating buckets in that room. I just knew that if I tried to stand up and re-arrange the paper, Midwife would come in when my bare behind was to the door, I just knew it.

Fortunately, she didn't, and I was able to peel my skin from the sticky vinyl. I searched in desperation for a vent to point my way, but I couldn't find one. Eh, I survived anyways. So Midwife comes in, looks over my chart and read "37 6/7 weeks, looks big." I was hoping she meant baby, and not me. It's one thing be to be insulted by strangers "oh wow, you're so huge. I *never* got that big!" But it's a whole 'nother story when someone who has seen the other end of you says, "Oh my word, you look like you swallowed an elephant!" Makes you feel like it's book report day and you have to admit you haven't even finished the book yet. *hangs head in shame*

She said she wished they had put me in an ultrasound room to make sure the baby is head down (which, I'm 99.99% sure he is. I know his toes *love* to play my ribs). She did some weird thing where she basically pressed on where his head/neck most likely would have been if he was head down, and he kicked my ribs, like she said he would if he was head down. But next week, I was told, they'd do the ultrasound. Midwife measured my uterus height, said "measures good." They always say that, never an exact number, always "good."

Then I got the good news that he's still at -1 station, but I'm dilated 2-3 centimeters. Then I got the bad news that she didn't think I'd go early. I was disappointed. I'm ready to have this kid and move on to another stage of life. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy being pregnant and I love it (most days), but isn't enough enough?! *sigh*

It'll get here soon enough, I know for sure I won't be pregnant for much longer. It's just the waiting that's getting to me. I'm not a patient person by any means. Midwife did say that they (Doc and Midwife) are on call tomorrow night and Thursday night. They're on each day, but share nights with The Center for Women. They have every fourth weekend and normally Mondays and Thursdays. However, today is Doc's anniversary so they swapped to let him go buy flowers for the Mrs. Doc.

MCM's Uncle Doug is in the hospital. He had a huge heart attack, one that made it necessary to be shocked several times, have an emergency heart cath, be transfered to a higher acuity hospital, be intubated and sedated for several days. He's still intubated and sedated, and they thing he came down with pneumonia from aspirating some time during those activities. So if you would, pray for him. MCM's mom (Doug's sister) and Shannon are down visiting, showing support and making his house ready for his return. They haven't been able to get a hold of the doctor, as of this afternoon. Maybe tonight.


Really fast...

Here's an update:
  • 36 weeks along
  • baby's head is at -1 station
  • I'm going to be seeing Doc every week
  • house is a wreck
  • baby's room is ready for him
  • we don't have any baby wipes yet...
  • I'll be packing my hospital bag tonight, just incase
Yeah, that's about it


It's not rocket science...is it?!

In effort to help cashiers at the Food Store out, I usually (as in 99.99% of the time) group items together. You know, cold stuffs together, boxed this lined up, and non-edible items all in separate groups, yet still together on the beltway. How hard could it be to put them in bags like that?! I can understand maybe one bag only has two small boxed things in it, so you add a few small jars. But to totally disregard my organization things and do crazy actions like putting shampoo and soap in the same bag as my Reece's peanut butter cups?!

This one cashier was uber-oblivious to this system. My grocery bags had bathroom stuff in with the milk. And the apple juice?! in a bag with crackers!! They don't even fit well in the bag together. Who trains these people? Most of the time, the cashier is super smart and packages them perfectly. It makes me wonder what kind of lives these non-organization live.

Do they keep their Pop-Tarts in the entertainment center with their DVD's? How about the cheese? I know, in the closet with shoes!! *shakes head*

The next time I go grocery shopping, I'm going to hire someone to push the cart and I'll ride in one those wheely thingies. They have personal ads for them right? Companion shoppers or something.

My friend Brie made this blanket (my favorite blanket, now, I think) as a present for Brendon. i don't have a picture of it...hang on, my phone is here. Let's see if I can get a good one.

Yeah, you can see the print. It's the one on top, with stripes and stars and planets. The jumbled mess underneath is the one blanket I started working on for Bobbie Jo, but now is too girly for him. I'm still going to finish it. Although I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. My mom wants it, my sister Thing One wants it, and I kinda want it...eh, we'll see.



So yesterday, MCM and I were headed out to our last class. Scrounging around the room for something to wear, I spotted a pair of pre-preggers jeans I was *sure* would still be wearable. Of course I'd have to use my little tummy band to keep them up and closed, but I could do that. The reality? I couldn't pull them up past my butt. Did you hear that!? My hips are growing?! EEKK!
Thankfully, I found a pair of preggers jeans right in front of my face, so I wore those. And guess what. THEY. STILL. SAG. I give up, I cannot win here. I'll just have to live in my PJ's and MCM's shirts.
And speaking of his shirts, that was the other half of the ensemble I wore out. MCM's long sleeve T-shirt he never wears. And if I kept the sleeves pulled up, it didn't look too big. With the sleeves hanging past my knuckles, it was hard to pretend it was my shirt.
Sad isn't it?
In other news, we got our stroller and carseat (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) put together. We do have to get it installed and checked, but I'm really not in a big rush to be driving around with an empty carseat in the back.
Thing One took this picture at BabiesRUs while we were getting the stroller. I'm not sure what's up with my face....but you can see my ever-expanding belly.
I'm 34 weeks in that picture. Now, I'm 35 weeks, 1 day. I've got a Doc visit coming up on Monday, and I think after that I go every week.
I've got my FMLA paperwork filled out, and today is the day I can submit it. For some reason I can't submit it earlier than 30 days. Whatever.
I finished Bobbie Jo's quilt, the star one. It looks pretty cool. I only made it half the size that the pattern was, and it's bigger than his quilt, but not so small that it won't work on a twin bed when he moves out of the crib.

There you have it, an update. And at the rate I'm going at, it'll be the last one until: "Going to the hospital!"