I had a real real job interview today in Hampton. The hospital is called Sentara Careplex, and it's huge. I interviewed with the floor clinical specialist and some manager, I don't remember exactly. But they really sounded like they wanted to hire me, and I liked what I heard. I was hoping for a little higher pay, but since I don't really have any acute care experience (working in a hospital as opposed to a summer camp) it's a little lower. But better than what I make working at a preschool. They do 12 hour shifts, from 6:45 am to 7:15pm (with a lunch break, of course!). I was just chatting with Mark and I totally lost my train of thought. See what he does to me?? But I'll keep him around anyways :D

OK, so back on track....uh...I'll start our with two weeks of 8 hour class room days, going over skills and and stuff. Then I'll move on to 12 hour days three days a week for General Hospital Orientation, stuff like skill training, such as monitoring the cardiac monitor rhythms, ED experience (for blood draws and IV starts), stuff like that. Then, after that, I'd start the 3 month orientation on the floor. It's a cardiac monitoring floor, stuff from atrial fibrilation, to post-heart cath patients. I'm supposed to 'review my options (what options??) and call them back in a few days. I remember another thing...I wouldn't start until January 7th, which is something I've been praying for. I don't want to have to start a new job right after i get back from our honeymoon, especially one that's going to be a dump-load of information into my brain. I'm sure I'll still be reeling from the honeymoon, and will miss about 90% of it all anyways. On the downside, I'll have been out of work for about a month. But Mark and I think, that if I don't...spend....any....money....(I just about die at that thought!) we can make it (I think we talked about it, didn't we, honey?). That'll give me time to make the sparse apartment homey for when Mark comes home from work :)

What else...what else...what else...(various movie lines are flashing through my mind, but I'll refrain from quoting a whole scene)...OH! Mark and I have receive two actual wedding presents so (in addition to some money, and a gift card, but I mean, when some one asks, let me see your wedding presents, you don't go pull out checks and cash and gift cards. But, most assuredly, they're in no wise less desireable!). One is a clock, a beautiful clock, from Mark's cousin Marilyn and her husband Karl. The other is a nice salt and pepper shaker set.
AND....I bought curtain rods for some curtains I got for my birthday a few weeks ago. So, aside from the bachelor-type decorating of the apartment, it's got potential :) I brought some of my clothes over there, so I don't have to worry about bringing it all at once. As I was packing up my clothes, my sister Bethany was lamenting over the fact that her closet is now almost empty and she doesn't have any clothes to borrow. Rebekah's are too small, and Sarah's are too small. I mean, Rebekah's are too big...Mom's are...well...there's little of Mom's that Bethany borrows. Not for any reason, except that they have different taste...and age group ideas, also.

I think I've written enough for several weeks of silence! This weekend is my bridal shower, and a bridal party that I'm hosting for my bridesmaids, flower girl, and ring boy. We're going to Build-A-Bear Workshop, and I'm going to make us matching shirts that give away our titles, and I'm going to wear my "BRIDE" hat, and I'm going to enjoy the comments of "oh you're getting married!!"

Which reminds me, I dropped my dress off at the taylors for altering and hemming and stuff like that. Well, my bridesmaids also had theirs there to get fitted and straps attached. There's three of them (right then with me was three of them) and only one dressing room. So while they took their time dressing and undressing, I stood to the side and watched them get fitted, with my veil on, to complete the look. I relished the comments of passer-byers, comments like "oh, look at the bride," "her dress is so pretty," "someones getting married!" As for the fitting, Bethany's dress is the only that didn't have to be taken in. But Sarah's, which I'm surprised up, was able to stay up (although barely, but that's a big improvement since we bought them!). We go back for another try-on on December 5th, my big brother's birthday. Speaking of such, I need to find him something. But, alas, 'tis bed time for my poor tired body, I've had a stressful day. Good night to all, and to all, a good night!


Ode to Vince Gill

I have very sad news to share. My betta fish of two years died this morning. :'( I got up this morning, and dad was watering plants, and mom was sitting on the couch. Mom said good morning to me and kinda grunted at dad. Dad turned around and said, what? good morning? no? uh, (mom mouthed something) what? my flies opened?? Mom motioned him over to her and whispered in his ear. Dad said oh! that....Vince was a nice fish. that's all he had to say, I knew the rest. I ran to the kitchen...there he was, on the bottom of the vase, eyes open, just lying there like a...dead fish... I cried for a bit, you know how emotional women can get. Dad said they had a nice garden they could burry him in. So long, Vince Gill. My roommate Robyn gave him his surname. I was just calling him Vince. She added Gill. It stands for two thing. One, our love of country music. Two, the fish from What About Bob? I've created an Ode to Vince Gill.

Farewell, dead fish, you were always fun to have around.
Farewell, dead fish, I'm sad to see you on the ground.
Farewell, dead fish, you are headed to be buried under a mound.
Farewell, dead fish, what a dear friend in you I have found.



Mark's coming over tomorrow!!

I finally realized that this wedding planning is not all it's cracked up to be. There's gazillions of questions I've been asked that I can't answer. Questions like, what time is the rehearsal? Who's decorating? I even have trouble answering how many in the wedding party...My brain is turning to mush! I don't delegate very well.

But Mark is coming up tomorrow, so it's ok, right? He's taking me out for my birthday. Just the two of us, then we're going to go see a movie. It's been forever since I've seen one of those in a theater. Watching them at home with your family crowded on one couch, just isn't the same thing.


the future Mrs. McMillen

11 more days until my birthday :) I like movies and books, and chocolate, and books, and food, and books....

38 more days until my wedding. I'm working on getting the table center pieces stuff together. There's a box or several up at my church that I'm gonna go pilfer. Yeah, I asked to use them. I've actually asked several people...it's all legal and good.

I finished painting Sarah's room today. I started it....a loong time ago. But I had a reasonable excuse for not finishing. There was this huge dresser hiding the entire last wall. I tried moving it by myself, but I just didn't have big enough muscles :( On a better note, my Marine brother was home this weekend, so he and my super strong dad scooted the dresser out of the way so i could get behind it. I whipped out my handy-dandy paint brush and finished the wall. I took a ton of pictures too. I'm working on getting them up loaded. If I can't get them here, I'll put them on my facebook site.