What to do, what to do?

So I didn't take the cookies to work. I forgot them on the table. I was going to bring them the day after that, but I forgot them again. But that's ok, cause they're really yummy, and Mark likes them.
Wanna hear the story? Ok, I'll tell it to you. Someone at work (I'm not going to mention their name, because I'm not sure if it was 100% legal for them to convince me to ask off) said because I'm on orientation, I can get days off just by asking. So I was thinking how I really didn't want to work Sunday. I'd miss a beautiful Easter Service, miss a yummy dinner at Mark's boss's house, and miss Mark. So I asked to switch (see, I'd still be working...). My manager said she'd have to get back to me about it. I figured I'd just go in the next day (my day off) and show her some options. Well, she called me Friday before I could head over there and asked if I wanted to just drop the shift or rearrange. I chose rearrange, knowing that I'd have to work three 12's in a row. She let me, and so I do, and so I didn't go to the hospital, and so I didn't bring the cookies to the hospital. I mean, they weren't that sick anyways. I was thinking they could crash on the couch until they felt better. It worked!
I spent lots of time yesterday wondering what I would to today, on my day off. My options
  • Cleaning the house
  • Doing dishes
  • Doing laundry
  • Watching House all day
  • All of the above
  • Something else
I chose the "something else." I went to Barnes & Noble's. They let you read their books, drink their coffee and buy the book once you get hooked on it. So I won't be going back to Barnes & Noble's until I finish the book. It'll probably take me till next week until I need another Barnes & Noble fix.
I'm working three 12's in a row starting tomorrow. Fun, huh? This weekend, we're making the great trek down south. I'm not sure, but we both want to go see the Living Gallery thingy at Bobby J's place. Also, one of my friends is having a surprise bridal shower. Well, her sister is having it for her, but you knew what I meant.
Nothing else much going on. Oh, I did clean the house. I did do the dishes. I did do the laundry. I even managed to squeeze in an episode or two of House, MD :)
Now on to making dinner. I thought ahead and took out some ground beef for tacos last night. But the trouble with me doing that is that now I'm not in the mood for tacos. Oh well, I'll see if they appeal to Mark. Probably do. I'll be fine, thanks for asking :)


Cookies and Pictures

I made cookies the other day. My feeble attempt to get into the spring season. I have to work Easter Sunday, and I'm bummed about that. So I made cookies, one of my favorite pastimes. You would not believe the trouble I went through to make these. First, I had been planning on making cookies for a while, so I had picked up some writing icing at Target in the 'See Spot Save' section. I love that section. You can get inexpensive cheap things for a buck.

I mean, how great is that?! I also picked up a pair of cookie cutters, since we had none. They were little flimsy things, a flower and something else. Anyways, I obviously needed more than that, because the little edges of the flower would have burned, or something like that. I don't remember, it's been a long day at work. I first went to Wal-Mart, then Target to find my perfect cookie cutters.

I saw these little weird looking things, but I couldn't see how they worked for making nice looking cookies. Until I looked at the back. The four cookies fit together to make two little stand up things. All I wanted was some simple cookie cutters. Nothing complicated like those things. The saleswoman/shelve stocker/whatever told me they didn't sell cookie cutters. Nothing else except what those funky looking things were. What the-?!

So I decided that Wal-Mart was definitely not the winner of my money today. I went to Target. Cha-ching! Well, kinda. I had to scrounge high and low to find what I found. I know you're expecting me to come out with this big thing of every holiday cookie cutters. Nope. I even had to go the bake-ware section. Imagine that! But guess what I found there...no, really, go ahead and guess...I found a measly little three-pack.

There was a star, a circle and a square with wrinkled edges. They were really brightly colored, like made for a toddler to play with. But they got the job done. Now for the recipe. I opened my Betty Crocker Cookbook, and the first thing on the ingredients list...powdered sugar. Who puts powdered sugar in roll-out sugar cookies?!?! Not me! I searched the web for my good old recipe from Better Homes and Garden.

I had to go through many subscription refusals to find it. But I finally found it. No problem, until I got to the 6 cups of flour. Six cups?? I wasn't sure if we had six cups. We did, barely, and I mean barely. Like with the bare scrapings left in the bottom of the cannister bare.
Smart me, I made sure I measured out the flour
before I started making the cookies. Smart me, now my biggest bowl was full of six cups of flour.

The recipe said add it at the end...so I restarted the recipe in the next biggest bowl. When it came part to hand mix the rest of the flour in, I took my rings off so they wouldn't get all messy. And what would you know, I just managed to drop them both into the nasty of the nasty. Fun, huh? But I got the rest of the stuff mixed in with fairly no problems. Smart me, I also bought a rolling pin the other day. Rolled, cut, not baked. I read somewhere about painting unbaked cookies with food coloring (which I also had happened to pick up :D). I revealed my artistic abilities, voila!I really had fun making the cookies. And most of them takes pretty good. The stars, the dark ones, got a little tan, but the pale, pasty ones are the best. Still softish and yummy. I was going to bring some to work to share, but everyone there is on some sort of diet or another. So I didn't but I did bring some for my lunch. Those vultures, they spied my cookies, and jumped on them. Almost ripped them out of my little fragile ziploc baggy. Well, not really, but when I mentioned I thought about bringing them, the first thing verbalized was 'Yeah, but most of us are on diets!' But they said bring them anyways, so I will. Tomorrow.But for tonight, it's bed time, and cuddle with Mark time. Then it's back to work with the cookies tomorrow.


Gone Shopping

I went grocery shopping yesterday, chose Target over Wally-land for certain items. I kinda hate going shopping by myself. I mean, like, if I was to see someone with funky shoes, with whom would I snicker about it? It'd look really insane if I walked around the store going, "Did you see her shoes? No, that lady, in the plaid." "Yeah, I had to do a double take. Thought my eyes we freaking out." No, just not happening. So, I got my cart and started my great search. The one thing you have to understand about this Target. Basically, only white people go there. That makes it quiet and people scarce. But my cart, I got the one cart that everyone puts back. Wanna know why? It squeaks as it rolls. So here I go, down the kitchen appliance aisle. My cart goes "EEEK, EK, EEEEEEEK." It felt like every body was listening to me and my cart. Every eye was tuned in to me and my journey. So, I tried going slowly. The cart went, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK." That so didn't work. I tried the just-look-oblivious method. How dumb is that. Walking along, looking at stuff, people looking at me, laughing as I pass. I tried going fast. The cart went, "EEKEEKEEKEEKEEKEEKEEKEEK." I put that to an end and tried the next logical thing. But it would have been so much better with a friend. Friend could distract the person, and I could swipe their cart and switch our stuff. Then, they'd be stuck with the eeeky cart, and I could slip though Target unsnickered at. But, since I was alone, I had to be clever and find a different way to rid myself of this cart, but not so that I end up cart-less. Help came to me in the form of three empty carts stacked at the end of a toy aisle. I gathered up my meager choices, dumped them in one of the carts, and broke up my relationship with Eeeky. I was terrified that this new cart might be a sibling or close cousin to Eeeky, but my fears were put to rest when I strolled along silently. Ah, blissful quietness!