2012 goals, aspirations and desires

I never understood the whole hype behind the new year and "resolutions." I mean, why wait until the new year to do something? Sounds like procrastination at its finest! But I got to thinking about what goals I want to have for this new year and I came up with a few.
One, blog more, and in January, I'm going to try to get a blog post up for each day. Ha, stop laughing, all of you!
I also want to take one picture a day, probably with my phone, so I can do a week review of pictures. It'll help with the postings, I think.
And last, but not in any way least, I want to get away from the social media one day a week or so. I've cut way back since having two kids, but all too often, both boys nap together and I waste my precious time on FB or blog reading.
Other worthy aspirations include frequent library time (which we already do with story time sessions) and that's it. I'm not even going to kid myself into thinking I'll do better with cleaning to laundry or any silly thing like that.
2012 will see lots of changes. My baby will turn 3. Three! My new one will turn a year. I will have been at my current job 4 years, and current position 2 years. We will have been in a house, not apartment, for one year. This summer will be busy, two birthdays, two, maybe 3 weddings, a trip to the north, a trip to the south.
The biggest desire of 2012 is to kick this yeast that Gavin and I have been tossing back and forth for a month or so. Gah!


Quick, both boys are sleeping!

Aaah, do you hear that? That is the sound of the swing that lulled my little little to sleep with NO TEARS! Forget the fact that he spent less than 5 minutes on his tummy that resulted in many tears, lots of snot and skooching a foot away from his blanket.

But I can't complain because today is going very well. Gavin has fallen asleep well and he is sticking to a very predictable schedule! The past few weeks have been a guess as to when he'll want to eat, usually with in two hours of his last feeding--what the--!? But I think he was going through a long growth spurt. This morning he at around 7, a little before actually, and stayed awake for about an hour and a half and went into his "bed" about 1140. But I know for a fact he didn't fall asleep until after 1230! He just was lying there snotting and generally in a good mood, so I left him alone. Then he slept until 2 (usually I wouldn't let him go that long between feedings, but I know from experience that if I try to wake him to eat, he eats poorly and is hungry again sooner). We had our said tummy time and I put him the swing about 20 minutes ago and about 15 minutes ago he fell asleep. Just closed his eyes and he was gone.

As for Brendon, he ate all his lunch and went down for a nap easily (though he did fall asleep on the floor...) with just a tiny hint of whining. It's a good thing too, because he was up before Mark left for work. Mark leaves about 640am or so. I was still sleeping. He played around with blocks and bats and sticks and was in a generally good mood today.

Me, I'm still in my PJ's (well, I put a long sleeve shirt over my PJ shirt) and just now changed into a pair of jeans. But get this--! They're my not-fat-jeans! Yay! But I didn't put my contacts in. I have baby spit up on my shirt. I missed my shower this morning, and I'm still wearing the same socks I wore last night.

But I made several business phone calls, I got a health insurance quote and application, called my doctor, called the Picture People in the mall (they shorted me a page of wallets when we went last week!). I've also gotten the craft for Cubbies portioned out into sandwhich baggies. I've done a load of laundry and a load of dishes. I've put half of the laundry away (the other half is in a pile on my bed) and I put half of the dishes away (I got a phone call in the middle of it and was distracted). I cleaned the carpet in our room aka the trampled clothes :/

Make that FOUR business phone calls. I called my work and they have my missing paycheck! FINALLY!

Wow, I've miss blogging. I need to go get presentable before Brendon wakes up because we have a few errands to run.


getting a nice self portrait**

The other day Gem was refusing to fall asleep and was protesting loudly!! I didn't really want him to wake up his brother, who had just fallen asleep mid-protest. So I picked him up for an impromptu self-portrait session. It's not as easy as I thought it would be. I mean, the camera is a forward-facing camera. The baby is a backwards facing kid. I was doing some weird twists and turns in my wrist and now it kinda resembles a letter M. *ahem* Without further ado, my attempts: 
(ok, I lied on accident. {crap, I just totally blanked--we're watching Psych})
dude, lady, you're supposed to look at the camera.
First, make sure that your back isn't to the camera. I mean if you want to get a picture of the two of you, both of you need to face the same way!
hi, can I have something to eat?
OK, so a little better on the turn, but now you need to make sure to get a good part of the face. Unless you're going for dramatic, then cut out an eye or something. I'm sure most people will still assume that you have both of them!

don't look at her, look at me! I'm cuter-and not sleepy!
So, you've got a good angle at looking at the camera, now you just need to work on the area angle.

psssh, sure just cut me out completely!
 Nope, too far down. and just ignore the laundry basket full of clothes! At least they're clean AND not in the living room!

 ok, so, got a different a orientation and it allowed for better area coverage, but the same thing applies for the rest of my head. But you guys still know that I have a forehead. RIGHT!? I promise I do!

what!? and you didn't even smile? I'm going to sleep then
And we have one I like. I do wish I had smiled, but I was tired of holding the camera just so, and Gem was almost asleep. I'm trying to make sure he falls asleep in his own bed (bouncy seat, swing, whatever). I like how the boarder of the mirror is blurred. I like that the color is just right. The camera is out of the way of both of us but not hidden in the corner. The picture is untouched. All I have is iPhoto to play with pictures, and it's kind of a boring editor. 

I've missed blogging fun-ly. I think I'm going to do it again.

**totally kidding that I know how to do it. That last picture was totally accident and just happened to be my last one.

Testers Wanted at Kebbie's Diaper Bag

Kebbie is looking for some qualified testers for her diapers! Then, to review and perhaps do a giveaway! Qualified, you ask? What makes one qualify?

I'm glad you asked! You need to 1) have at least one child {CHECK} 2) that said child (or children, in my case) needs to be still in diapers {CHECK} (big one hasn't been receptive to the potty yet!) 3) need to be able to use cloth diaper {CHECK} (have you seen my laundry?) and 4) follow the instructions here

Easy peasy!


Red Barn Nifty Nappy Bitty Bums Winner!

Congratulations, Sara! I am emailing you now!

Everyone else, I now know my limitations. I failed at this event miserably! I think I'll stick to my life events, and reviews/giveaways as I get them, rather than try to get an event scheduled.