My fluff

 Alright. I guess it's time I humbled myself and say what I never, ever dreamed I'd say (Yes, Amy Grace, I'm thinking of you!) I love my cloth diapers!! *deep breath* I love my cloth diapers!

Daddy bought a new gun. Mommy bought new diapers! Yay!!
Oh, hi! I...uh...scoffed at the idea of cloth diapers because of the laundry. I despise laundry. Right now, I have a mountain (although it's dwindling bit by bit) of dirty laundry up stairs, a basket full of clean laundry up stairs (maybe two..?), one down stairs, drier full of clothes, and washing machine full of diapers. I'm never caught up. I'm always finding clothes I had forgotten I loved because I hadn't washed it in a month. Huh, maybe that should be a sign I have too many clothes?

Covers I made myself! and yes, I do use the ones I keep
But really, adding two loads a week? Like a sprinkler during a rainstorm. Don't worry, I'm not trying to convert you, but I feel like I need to come clean.  I feel good about not throwing so many diapers away. I felt like I needed to keep them on Brendon as long as possible to not use as many through out the day. And, honestly, some times I wanted to put a diaper BACK on after bath-time for the night if it wasn't really *that* wet. No, I never did, but I seriously thought about it.

Attempting to be organized, yeah right, it's usually empty!
 I've only used disposables for the babysitter this week, Monday and Tuesday. I think Mark's going to use them this weekend when I work, but I've saved a couple dozen of diapers from the trash this week. Even though *crosses fingers* Brendon will be out of diapers soon *ish, soon-ish* they'll last for the next kid. I have two pocket diapers I made (used to have three until one broke in the wash), two covers (used to be three until one fell apart), one fleecie (pull on cover), and about a dozen or so prefolds I lay in the covers. I have three BumGeniuses, two Fuzzibuns, two Happy Hineys, two Babykicks 3.0, and two (used to be one, but I got a free one, in fact, they were both free with orders!). I have a pre-loved BumGenius 3.0, 6 KaWaii baby diapers (soon to be 5 because I'm sending one back-it's snap broke!).

new fluff!
 I've started picking out the best diapers I like, and want to get more of them. One is the BumGenius, and one is BabyKicks. I hope to get some more pictures up, but Brendon has all of the sudden become camera shy angry. He throws a fit when I turn it on around him, I think it's because I'm using it and not him.
Mommy's creations...the kid and the diaper! LOL
Anyways, this is my change for our children's planet. I'm sorry, I like my hot showers waay to much to give them up. YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!


All about BAM

Brendon's vocabu words just keep expanding.
  • mama
  • dada
  • baby
  • elmo
  • steve
  • up
  • please
  • thank you
  • banana
  • juice
  • milk
  • cookie
  • eat
  • more
  • hi
  • bye-bye
  • night-night
  • morning
  • book
  • shoes
  • two
  • minion (from Despicable Me)
  • teeth
  • water
  • bike
  • hat
  • boom (as in, did you fall down and go boom?)
  • stuck
  • pee-pee
  • poo-poo (typical boy, huh?
He can point to his head, hair, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, tongue, teeth, belly, belly button, fingers, toes, pants, shirt, shoes, socks, hat.

He says hi and morning spontaneously when I get him up from his bed. We were outside today and it was cold and raining, and he patted his head and said "hat?"

He signs please, and milk and more. He waves bye-bye, and blows kisses.

When he falls down or bumps something (just not hard), he says "boom" until I say "did you fall down and go boom?" If he really gets hurt, he brings the hurt part to me to kiss.

He loves taking baths, especially now that he gets to color his water! I think that's his favorite part of bath time, dropping in the thingies.

He is truly his father's son, he dislikes wearing socks/footie PJ's or having his feet tucked in the blankets.

He is his mother's son and shares a love of books and reading. Today, after I got out of the shower, I found him in his room (gated in of course!) on his bed, reading books. It truly melted my heart to see that. *gushes*

He is 19 months old, weighs about 30lbs, wearing 18-24month clothes (mostly 24 month, some 18 month cause that's what we have). He can go up and down the stairs like it's nobody's business. He doesn't like to go outside when it's cold. He tries to take his jacket off when we get home, and put it in the closet. He takes his shoes and socks off whenever we get in the van.

He won't sleep in his regular bed any more, even changed to a toddler bed. He sleeps on a futon, with his two blankets, MY body pillow, and several stuffed animals. We might just put the crib frame away for a bit and have a little extra room.

Oh! Something new, he points to me and mark and himself when asked "Where's Mama/Dada/Brendon?" It's so cute! AND! (I know!!) his top right canine tooth has poked through! All those sleepless nights and napless days have paid off!

I'll try to do better about blogging, but I get bored easily...I wonder if that's why I have so many projects going on...hmm...LOL


Hi, do I know you?

I should have waited a few more weeks, then I could have made it a full month of being a slacker! Ugh, I just don't have enough time to do what I want to do, and I want to do it all. *sigh* I really should designate certain days for certain activities. But there's just now knowing what will come up for which days. Blogger only lets you have one scheduled post at a time, and I thought about just writing a bunch of posts, entertaining of course, and scheduling them all for several weeks, but I'm sure you can tell how that ended up.
My friend Amy G had her baby boy! Finally! LOL one of her last FB status's was something about that baby being evicted. I'm glad he decided to come out.  Recently, one of our new friends announced they were pregnant. She's due the day before I was. I'm so happy for her, really, and I'm doing really well with not being jealous :) I was able to get in some quality bitty-baby time with EBV, a few-week old infant (not too sure about the age there :D).  AH! So cute, fun, adorable, and lovable!
I've been perfecting my sewing skills, in between working on my SIL's quilt. It was first supposed to be for her birthday, but you all know that I am a slacker, so then it was Christmas, and well, maybe it'll be done by President's Day!
Ok, enough talking, work has been driving me into the mud these past few days, so I'm taking my heiney to bed while my wonderful sister is wrecking havoc in my kitchen, under the pretense of doing my dishes.