Random Dozen

1. Have you ever fired a gun or shot a bow and arrow?
Yes to both. the gun just this past summer, and the bow and arrow when I was in college working at a summer camp.
2. Do you know where your childhood best friends are?
Yes. One's in VA, one's in CA, three're in SC, one's in TN...what? isn't that enough for you?
3. Do you usually arrive early, late, or on time?
I used to be early/on time. But with BAM, I'm usually on the late side.
4. Are you more of a New York or California type? I'd say New York type, because I'd rather dress business-like and preppy than beach bum. Plus, my blinding white skin would stand out in CA
5. Do you have a special ring tone?
For my sweetheart. it's Love Story by Taylor Swift, but I don't have one special one I use.
6. What is your favorite type of chip?
Salt and Vinegar (my mouth is watering!!)
7. Best comedy you've ever seen is ....
two weeks' notice, what about bob, just to name the few that are circulating in my head
8. Have you ever cut your own hair? To quote Dr. Phil, "How'd that work for ya?"
just to trim things up, like the front sides...didn't look so good.
9. If you were going to have an extreme makeover, would you rather it be about your house or your personal self?
I think my house. It'd be too easy for me to revert back to "i don't feel like doing that to my hair/face/clothes today"
10. Are you allergic to anything?
penicillin, but that's just from when I was a baby, probably not a true allergy, but I don't want to find out
11. Why is it so hard to change?
because it's easier to keep old habits. it's lazier, and you don't have to think about it
12. One last question dedicated to February love: CS Lewis said, "To love is to be vulnerable." Please share one example of that assertion or share any thought you'd like to about this topic.
when you make your love known, you're taking down your armour to show what you're all about. doing that, you risk the object of your love keeping it and not returning it, or just throwing it back in your face. this can apply to anything-being horrible at cooking, but loving it anyways, asking someone out, or an animal that pees all over your carpet and couch after you invite it in and feed it


I was thinking about this last post, and having a lot of blogger's remorse. It's about Brendon's schedule. I don't want people thinking I'm a task master with a whip keeping watch with a timer. On the weekends, the schedule falls apart, and so does BAM. He's a kid who does well staying on a schedule like that. On the weekends, he's a mess, usually cranky, doesn't nap well, doesn't eat well. So we keep the schedule and we're all happy.


snap shot of my day off....and a new beginning

So, Brendon's past the 7 month mark, and I'm trying my best to keep up with him. Here's a snapshot of one of our days (when I'm not at work, of course :D)

7-8 a.m. I'm woken by his coos and squeals. I think they're the most wonderful sounds ever! Depending on what time we went to bed the night before determines if I get him up at 7, or let him talk until 8 (and I go back to sleep). Every once in a blue moon, he wakes at 6:30 (!!). This morning, he did, but daddy convinced him to go back to sleep. See, he has this super-soft cat (Thanks, Aunt Ninda!) that he really likes, and if you rub it on his face he'll decide he's ready to sleep. Anyways, I'm greeted by a huge smile on his face when I walk in to his room.
8 a.m. FOOD! We have a snuggle time, either in bed or on the couch (again, depends on the day, feeling and such). After I feed him, I dig around for something presentable for him to wear...He can stay in his PJ's all day, right? Then we go downstairs and I get breakfast, and get him some thing solid. It's usually some baby cereal with AJ, or fruit and oatmeal. Boy, does he love to work that jaw! Thankfully, he doesn't use it on me :)
9 a.m. (this is an estimate of times, k? I don't stick to strict schedule except for naptime, and even then, we fluctuate by 5-10 minutes) BAM, the bumbo seat and I go upstairs. I shower and get dressed while BAM and bumbo seat have some good bonding time. I have to keep a close eye on him while he's in there, now. He's learned how to maneuver and squeeze himself almost to the point of getting out of it. He arches his back and almost pops his thighs out. And today, he twisted and had his butt sitting on the edge, instead of the middle, of the seat. Then, we play for a while, I attempt to clean the impeding tide of "stuff".
10 a.m. Nap time! Probably about 40% of the time, he makes a huge deal and end up fussing for about half of an hour to an hour. Then, most of the time, it's only about 10 minutes. And the rare occasion, he goes down with little to no fuss. Those days, I do a silent dance, so I don't wake him back up :) I have some ME time. I do all sorts of things like laundry, the occasional dish, check my email, check my blogs...check facebook...check my email...I also get lunch ready for Mark and me. BAM and I usually go eat lunch with him.
1130ish a.m. I wake BAM up and we go each lunch with daddy.
1245/1 p.m. BAM's lunch time and we play. Some times we watch Baby Einstein, and sometimes we just play on the floor. I'm not sure where the time goes, but it goes fast.
2 p.m. NAP TIME! He's usually ready for it this time. I try to either do some laundry or get a small nap in too. Once, I tried scrapbooking, but wouldn't it have figured he took an hour to fall asleep and woke up early crying. So I keep it simple.
4 p.m. FOOD! Some days, it seems like all I did was feed him and put him down to sleep. I guess if I at least get that done, I've done a lot. After his liquid dinner, I usually give him some solids too, this time some veggies. Then comes our favorite time! DADDY'S HOME! Mark gets home between 5:30 and 6. I try to keep BAM up until at least 6:30.
6:30-7 p.m. BEDTIME! Hallelujah! I mean, I love this kid to death, but some times, I just wish he'd chill. He has to be checking everything out all the time. Today, he attempted to launch himself off our bed just to get the alarm clock's numbers. Then, I had to drag him out from under the coffee table. Then, he almost propelled himself off of my lab (I only had his head to catch him by, I was putting his hat on).
Tonight's the night. We are learning how to sleep through the night. If you never hear from me again, you know it's gotten the best of me and I'm in a loony bin or house or whatever. See, BAM thinks it's ok to wake up in the middle of the night and just scream, for no reason, at all. Usually, it's nights before I have to work. And I am so over that. It's just hard, knowing that all I have to do is go in there and let him nurse for not even 5 minutes, and he'll be able to go back to sleep. Pray for me!


Wordless Wednesday

I left BAM in the living room to go get some breakfast for me. A quick look showed nothing too dangerous that he'd get hurt with while I was gone for a minute. When I came back, this is what I saw.

Then he saw me and started walking, while holding on the basket. What's that word? It totally left my brain as I was typing that sentence. Gliding? Creeping? Oh! Cruising! Yeah. then he held out his hand, and lost his balance. He fell on his back (reminded me of a turtle!) rolled over and did it again!

Here's our third snow fall. Third? .... Yeah, the first one, we only got rain.

Our parking lot is pretty much empty, except for my van, and about 3 or 4 other cars. A while ago, I couldn't see that tree across the street. And now? there's no white snow left in the parking lot. It's just slush.

Well, I hear the bambino making playing with his toys, I guess I'd better get ready to go feed him. But maybe, he'll play by himself for a while longer :)

Random Dozen

I haven't been meaning to neglect this randomness (although, I always find a common theme, so the questions aren't exactly as random as the name implies). I've had a lot on my plate, what with the snow and the kid and the job...

1. Are you pleasant when you're ill, or are you a grumpy, fussy patient?
Ha! I'm grumpy, because it's all about me, and everyone must feel the way I do! If I'm miserable, then so everyone else will be too! No, usually, I'm pretty pleasant. I only get grumpy if I'm home, and I'm tired (when I'm sick).

2. When you find out that school is canceled (due to inclement weather) what is your gut reaction?
YES! Now, I have one more day to work on my (whatever is due). At least, that WAS my gut reaction. I'm not in school. But regarding being called off of work, my first thought is, "do I have Paid Annual Leave to cover" followed closely by "I get to sleep in!"

3. What is one domestic skill you wish you could improve?
Staying on top of all the skills-laundry, dishes, cleaning. Actually, I just wish I had more motivation to do it. Like right now, I'm doing this addictive interesting meme, while the laundry is melded to the upstairs floor, the dishes are all dirty, and my bathrooms are growing things in crevices.

4. Do you decorate your home for Valentine's Day?
Do I ever decorate my home? the only thing that get's pulled out is a Christmas tree and stockings for Christmas. More 'decorations' just mean more junk and dust.

5. What song is on your mind today?
Right now, nothing, thankfully. And I'd like to keep it that way. I normally wake up with some peppy lyrics going through my head, and they're around all stinking day!

6. Do you prefer contemporary movies or classic?
Depends on the producer. I'd take an Alfred Hitchcock movie any day over the transporter some silly movie made last year. But then, Sandra Bullock's newest movie was a keeper (when it comes out on Blu-Ray)
7. How well do you "compartmentalize" your feelings? For example, how well can you put aside a really trying moment to deal with the immediate situation which is not related to the trying moment, e.g., putting aside a tiff with your spouse in order to finish wallpapering a room.
I can get the thing done, but I end up seething inside because I'll shut up and just have the argument in my head, but all the while on the outside, I'll be relatively 'normal'

8. What is the first thing that attracted you to your spouse? (Or if you're single, to your best friend.)
He went out of his way to bring me dinner (and a snickers for dessert!) while I was working in school and I missed dinner.

9. When was the last time your heart raced?
Tuesday, at work. the "powers that be" decided I needed to move bed Georgia* out ASAP, but wasn't going to happen because she was on an insulin drip (that has to stay in the PCU) that wasn't time to be ended. That, and a million other things happened. A doc came by and took bed Montana's dressing off his leg and left it open, so I had to redress it before it got all sorts of more nasty things in it

10. What are your memories of Valentine's Day at school?
Everyone else passing out store bought Valentines, and me trying to make some cutesie ones, but getting odd looks when I passed them out. That was in elementary school. In high school, seeing who got the most candy-grams, balloons, flowers, etc. One year, (ha! the only year I was in "high school") I got a rose and a flower from "your secret admirer" and I never, ever figured out who it was from. Normally, the lurkers admit it, but mine didn't. Eh, he didn't make his move, so his loss, right?

11. If you were going to receive candy for Valentine's Day, which would you prefer?
Reece's. or the conversation hearts. I like things that are individually wrapped, because they last longer. But I don't like 'off brand' chocolate. It has a funky pre-aftertaste. Like, it's been sitting next to something that smelled and absorbed it's odor as it's taste. Blech! I won't even buy it for other people, that's how much I don't like it.

12. Red or pink?
*Waggles eyebrows* for what? I have both :) I think red can be too distracting, like on finger nails, but pink can get too childish. Red on toe nails is adorable, while pink says I'm not mature. A red sweater or shirt is professional, while pink is more casual. Red unmentionables gives confidence, while pink is every day, normal feelings. Red icing leaves you looking like you turned vampire, while pink leaves you looking like you mess up your lipstick. Red hair can be classy, pink is always punky and/or funky. Red socks can be for boys or girls, pink are girls only! Red is for Target and necessaries. Pink is for VS and fun and totally not necessary.

*all names and bed numbers/names have been changed to something totally irrelevant and unrelated to not incur the wrath of HIPPA


"Snowpocalypse" or "Snowmaggedon"?

Really? It used to be relatively normal to get several inches of snow. I mean, can you imagine the Pilgrims complaining about 1 inch of snow, and dying off??
Pilgrim 1: Blast! I think it's going to snow! More than two flakes, and I don't think Granny's going to make it!
Pilgrim 2: This mild winter is going to kill us all off! Can it get any milder?!

Yeah, I just don't see it. So what's all the fuss? Pansies. We've be come pansies. I mean, schools reopened yesterday after being out for about 6 school days! Maybe we need to be driving more tougher vehicles rather than plastic matchbox cars.

What am I saying? I was just as amazed at the amount of snow we got. Especially since I live right on the east coast. I wanted to go to the beach and walk in the sand while it was snowing. Wouldn't that have been cool?! It started snowing early morning and by the afternoon, we had a good 3 or 4 inches. I took BAM out while it was still snowing, and as expected, he didn't like it so much. It was windy and the flakes were huge. So, we went out the next day, it was warmer and the snow had stopped. BAM loved it. He sat there trying to grab it and eat it. He managed to get some good bites in. But I think they came with brain freeze!

My parents live between Richmond and D.C. and got probably a good 3 feet or so. Mom was home with Thing One and Thing Two, but Dad had fled to Vancouver. He's driving the Olympiads up there. He sends me occasional texts from Iowa, Montana, and now Washington state. I can't wait till they start. I love watching ice-skating. I mean, who doesn't? They're so graceful and beautiful, and fun, too. I remember one year, we watched the winter Olympics AND the Goodwill Games. Double ice-skating! YES! I guess I need to go get my day started. BAM's down for his first nap, Mark's at work, and I'm feeling lazy. Anyone have any motivation pills?

Are you sure you want reset your settings?

Internet, isn't there just a reset button for housework and junk? Like "reset to original factory settings"? I mean, the laundry has taken over the upstairs hallway, no matter how much I try to keep it contained. It's as if we add to it each day....*sigh* and I wash it and fold it and put it away. Next thing I know, it's in The Pile again! What the crap? And the paper stacks? Let's not even go there. I'll just say that there's a pile about 6 inches tall that keeps growing like BAM during a spurt. I'm not saying all this to get sympathy. I'm just feeling overwhelmed by life.
I started a new position at New Hospital. I'm now in the progressive care unit, A.K.A. PCU, A.K.A. 3CCA. I like it, but, Internet, I'm still on orientation, so my schedule has been made for me. I just finished working 4 out of the past 5 days (12 hour shifts, but end up being 13 hours or longer from the time I leave to the time I get home). There's a reason I pick my own schedule and pace myself. Lots of nurses work all their days in a row to get more days off, but I can't do that. I have vivid dreams between the days I work (if I work consecutive days), so I don't sleep well. I don't get any housework done, I barely eat dinner and get BAM's things ready for the next day before I pass out. It doesn't help that BAM's nights are so inconsistent that even if we're all in bed by 9:30 or 10, there's no guarantee that I'll get a full 8 hours of sleep.
I look at my friends that stay at home with their kids, and can't help but envy them, bloggy world. I know it's wrong. I know the other job is always cushier. But I'm missing so much. I'm ready for another baby, but I don't want to have to leave that one, too. Plus, paying for another baby's daycare would take another big chunk out of my paycheck. I guess a little extra is better than nothing, but know what would be nice? If I could swap child care for child care. Like I'd watch a friend's kid or kids on the days she works, and she'd watch mine on my work days. But it'd only work if we could both work a few days the week. Don't get me wrong, internet, I like the set-up I have going now. Christina is unbelievably amazing and helpful. BAM is doing well. He and BEE are playmates and from the pictures, get along well.
On the other hand, I am thankful I have a job that pays well, gives me hours, and comes with really good health insurance. I need to be content, but every once in a while, I need to let out some steam. *whooooosh*
I'm good. Come back later to read about our snow storm!