things I've noticed

You know what? I'm not afraid to say it, I'm not embarrassed. I'll tell it like it is, don't worry. 
People, generally speaking, are oblivious and can't think for themselves.
If you disagree, then just go driving around town, or visit Target. Airports and malls aren't good places, because all the smart people are in the airports, and in a mall, even the dumbest person can walk around looking smart. For instance, the ICU I work in is a closed unit, meaning that you have to let in by the staff inside, or use a badge to get in or out. When a visitor comes through the door, they have an option to either go left or right. Right in front of them, on a nicely sized sign in clear, big letters/numbers, they are told that rooms 1-8 are down the left, and 9-16 down the right. You would not believe the number of people who end up at our desk (on the 1-8 side) looking for room 9 or 11 or 12, or 14, or . . . you get it. Hello?! Did you even notice the wall in front of you? Or . . . they get down the hallways, at the desk, right in front room 5, looking for room 3. Did you know that the rooms are numbered, too? Like, you don't have to count them as you walk down the hallway. Just look at the doors, the numbers/letters are big and black on the silver door frame. I mean, really? They can't look or count sequentially? I understand them asking, "Can Ms Sick-Person in 3c4 have visitors?" but no, it's "Where's room 2c3/cc32 (or any combination of room # and some c's thrown in)?" as they're standing in front of it. For the record, the rooms are 3c1, 3c2, et cet. The 3 is the floor number, C for the critical care, and the last number is the room number. You know, so we don't have be vague or count each room as we walk by.

I was headed to pick up Brendon's extra car seat yesterday, and I passed a gas station that had a van for sale parked out front. The pertinent information was on the windows. One of them said the following: ASK-4-"DAVE". "Dave" has many "transactions" going on at his "house", so he has to code each "transaction" to keep them straight. But anyways, if you want to buy an old-school 12 passenger van, I can get you the number, just remember to ask for "Dave".

Did I happen to mention the cold that Brendon had a few weeks back? He finally got over the hump, but Mark picked it up. And while he's fighting with it, he graciously shared it with me. So Brendon's snot is competing with Mark's cough, and my sore throat. We make a pathetic family. 

Speaking of family, that reminded me of an odd occurrence I found as I was at Wally-World yesterday. I was in the pregnancy test section (yes they have a whole section, but no I'm not pregnant). I had a coupon that expired soon, and since we night need one soon-ish, maybe, possibly, but no comments, please. Anyways, THEY WERE ALL GONE! All being all but two of the store brand. Really? Maybe Valentine's Day was celebrated with a lot more robust that usual. Oh, I know! Remember when we had the late snow storm and the whole peninsula shut down? THAT is what every one was doing, instead of going to work or school. Uh-huh! Should I alert the L&D floors? Maybe they'd like a heads up, so they can hire some seasonal staff?

I think our neighbors are moving. I ran out to the van this morning because we had left the diaper bag (and hence the ora-gel) in there, and our neighbors had their van full of book cases and stuff. And since then, there has been stomping and noises coming from their side of our shared wall. Lots of going up and down their stairs. And now? their truck is re-filled with mattresses. Yeah, they're moving. Or, they're dumping all their earthly goods and buying new ones to boost the economy. Oh, I didn't think so.


Random Dozen

I'm supposed to be going to bed about an hour ago, because I have a staff meeting (MANDATORY!) in the morning, super early, but I'm procrastinating.

1. Would you rather host party or simply attend a party?

I think attend. Because if I have to host something, I get to involved and try to micromanage everything, and I can't because I'm not that perfectionist, so it'd end up being wing-it and then it'd flop. So YOU plan it, host it, and I'll bring the chips!

2. Tell us about the most memorable party you've been to.

uh . . . one of cousin's birthdays (i think he was turning 5) stands out, because my AA and Uncle Same decided it'd be funny to draw a tattoo on my shoulder and send a picture of it to my dad. the tattoo? WWJD in a heart. the shoulder? nekkid, but for a bathing suit strap . . .

3. What is one thing you hope for in the after-life?

That I'd hear a "well done, Krystina" and not a disappointed sigh

4. What do you enjoy most about sunshine?

warmth and freshness

5. When you attend a bridal/baby shower, do you prefer to bring your own gift or chip in with others to buy a larger gift?

I like chipping in, because it saves me time, but I love picking something out that is creative and has some of my personality in it.

6. Would you rather have a FREE week of having your house cleaned or all of your meals cooked for you and your family?

Pssh, I can cook, I love to cook. Please, send someone to clean my house! I need help!!

7. What song describes your mood today?

"Imperfection" by Saving Jane, I kept trying to find it on my iPhone on my way to/from work, but it was not to be . . . *sigh*

8. What is something you received for your own bridal shower/wedding that you still own or use? (If you are not married, feel free to sub a gift you received a long time ago.)

my food processor, thanks Chief and Kathy!

9. Your favorite flavor of ice cream is?

*moans* I can't pick a favorite, don't you know how good most of them are?! I mean, moose tracks, bunny tracks!

10. When was the last time you felt "tested?"

the other day when Brendon didn't nap, like he won't now

11. "[Fill in the blank] is a food that once I start eating I find really hard to stop."

Reece's mini peanut butter cups, salt and vinegar chips, M&M's, gummy bears/worms, rice (flavored rice, like those rice sides, mmm-mmm). Isn't that enough?

12. "-----" is the best motivation.

 company coming


Friday Fails

I'm joining Myra in her Friday Fails posting as I sit on the couch and watch TV (Grey's Anatomy two hour season finale!) as Mark sleeps on the couch.
  • fail I have not been in bed before 11 each night. Even if I had to go to work the next morning fail
  •  fail I went to Tar-zhay to get some much needed groceries like MILK! and BREAD! and guess what I forgot? fail
  •  fail We got the van inspected this week, and when BAM and I got home, I did my whole open the doors, lock them, gather my stuff, close the doors. But this time, in between the getting my stuff and the closing the doors parts, I decided to go check the mail LEAVING THE STUFF IN THE VAN (stuff = van keys, both sets! and my cell phone). So, yeah we were locked out. Thankfully I had the mailbox keys, and a house key. I used our house phone (which we hadn't gotten rid of yet) to call Mark to come rescue me and Brendon from my fail. fail
  •  fail I tried keep the tables and fingers from getting messy while my Cubbies Kids were finger painting. What was I thinking?! I will admit it. I have an OCD about getting stuff all over fingers and faces and plates/tables, et cet. I can't stand to eat fruit that runs down my arms and face, much less WATCH my son or Cubbies do it. fail

Wow, I feel better, knowing that my faults are out there to be scrutinized by every one. NOT!


Brendon's Blog

So, I think I'll let you guys in on my other blog. You know how people have journals and letters, like physical letters for their kids? Mine is electronic. I didn't publish that I was writing it, and I closed it to the public, but, what's the point in writing if it keep it hidden? So, I'm opening it to you guys. No comments, but if you really feel like you need to comment, you can leave on here.


Brendon is awake now. He took a nice nap!

Lights . . . Camera . . .


Woman, appearing to be mid 20's, wearing rumpled clothes (may or may not have crusted food, dried snot, and spit-up stains in places). Her hair is partially dry with many fly-aways.

Town-house in Hampton Roads, sitting in the living room, surrounded by various baby/toddler related items. There may be a dirty diaper and some scattered trash around her feet to add to the atmosphere. It is mid-May.

Woman starts up the website and receives this message "who are you again? when you sign in, do you still remember your username? what about that password? Ha, fail!"

She types in several recently used strings of letters and characters, and just happens to find the correct combination for the username AND password. KUDOS to her!

As the page loads, a bewildered look comes over her face "this is my VALENTINE'S DAY background," she muttered to herself. Has it really been that long?

She brushes it off, and decides that hearts are now acceptable year-around motifs. She uses the track pad to brush the cobwebs from the tabs, blows the dust away, and grabs the dust-buster to catch the dust-bunnies.

"I need to let them know that I didn't give up. I need to let them know that I am still alive!" Her determination is oozing from each pore. It's almost disgusting, really.

Between keeping the bambino's stomach filled, the clothes washed (snort!), the house semi-decluttered, she was left with only a smattering of energy for internet. And that was used up on a online course called ECCCO. It was selfish and took more than was available, leaving deficits in every area of her life.

This morning, she entered the course, and to her shock, elation, and unbelief, she found there were only two tests left! She knocked out one of them, and decided that the blog would no longer be pushed the bottom of the pile. She pulled it out, did the aforementioned cleaning, and here she sits.

I haven't fallen off the earth. We've weathered a few milestones. Brendon had his first noticeable fever a few weekends ago. I was a bit worried, and we were out of town. Due to feeling crummy, he slept crummy, and therefore I slept crummy. Thankfully, it didn't disrupt his new-found sleeping habit. He still sleeps through the night, from about 630/7 till 6am. Some times he'll go back to sleep, some times I take him to Tita's house, and some times, like today, I give him breakfast early and fill his tummy up and put him back to sleep for a few more hours.

We're working on hand coordination, like waving, clapping, high-fiving, and blowing kisses. Why walk when you can crawl or have someone carry you? He's eating all sorts of foods, his newest is rice cakes. Messy, but easily soluble. We tried cereal bars, but he stuffs his mouth full and starts to gag, so those are on hold.

That's about it on the home front. I think I hear him stirring, so I'd better wrap it up while I can. I miss writing fiction.