Life as I know it

Life with a toddler/preschooler is never boring. I am woken up by a nasally breathing. When I open my eyes, I see his head peaking over the bed and gazing at me. "Mama?" he whispers. I scot into the middles of the bed and and bombarded by his growing body. Some times he'll lay there for 2 minutes. Sometimes he's asleep. But usually he curls up next to me. I try to remember when he was a nursling.
And then the day starts. At 630, or 6. Or 645. But usually 630. He asks for milk. But it come out "mutch? Wam mutch?" He carries his cup to the couch, curls up under a blanket and drinks his milk. He's my baby again for the 2 minutes it takes him to drink the milk. Then the craziness begins. GEM wakes up, BAM wants breakfast, GEM wants breakfast, I need breakfast. BAM usually asks to watch a movie. Recently it's been "rat" or "scare" or "balloons" which translate into Ratatouille, Monsters Inc (or it could be Veggie Tales), and Up. Gavin is happy to watch either of those, so long as he can see and feel me!
Nap time for Gavin means shower time for momma :D Brendon entertains himself while I relax. I'm always apprehensive when I get out because I'm not sure what he'll have gotten into. Usually everything is fine, but there's the time he dipped (rather, jumped??) into the peanut butter. Of when he climbed into Gavin's crib, effectively destroying the morning nap. Or what about the time he dusted the kitchen with cinnamon? It smelled lovely but was such a mess.
But, in spite of all the challenges my boys are apart and together, I wouldn't have it any other way.