My New Washing Machine

By the way, they can't do anything to my computer case. It's not covered under warranty :( that's ok though. Hubby and I went to my parents house to get a "new" washer and drier, along with a half a pick-up truck full of other stuff. Our former washer and drier were hand-me-downs from the laundry room, here at the apartments. They come with our own little savings plan, aka coin slots. Seventy-five cents a pop! The washer, though, was on it's last leg. Every once in a while the washer thingy, in the middle of the washing machine, would get stuck every now and then. But not any more, we got "new" ones :D They used to be my my sister-in-law's mother's. But she got new ones, and gave them to D and S, and *they* got new ones, so we got "new" ones too :) The best part, I can wash more than 6-10 articles of clothing at one time, *and* the drier will dry the clothes in a timely manner :D

So, we acquired another dresser, a book shelf I got for my birthday about 10 years or more ago. Then we relieved my sister of a barrel of clothes, and several boxes of books. The only downside to it all, is that it's sitting in the middle of the living room, because we don't have space cleared for them yet.

I work my first 12 hour shift tomorrow. I'll be working with the telemetry monitor tech. They watch about 12-15 people's heart rhythms and call the appropriate nurses to inform of stuff like, dead battery, leads off, and unfavorable rhythms. That's tomorrow and Tuesday. And you thought that working at a computer for 8 hours was bad...Remember me when you go home, and I'm still working. The shift is from 0645 to 1915 (715 for those of you who need it).


Computer Stuff

My computer is sick. The hinges or something are broken or something. When it's closed, the lid hangs off one end quite noticeably. So we're taking him on a trip. There's an apple store in Norfolk (please, pronounce it like it's spelled, it drives me nuts when people say nah-fuk *shudders* guess I should have moved here then, huh?!?). Anyways, we're headed to the mall in Norfolk to get my computer fixed. This mall is the bomb! Well, compared to our little one here in Hampton, the equally ghetto one in Fredericksburg (although it's getting better), and the slightly better one in Newport News. The Norfolk mall has three floors, a Barnes & Noble that I could spend a month in AND not be bored! You might be feeling like I messed up MacBook on purpose, just to get Mark to take me to the mall, but I didn't do it!

We've been married for one month, today. To celebrate, we're going to a really cool mall. Remember the previous comment? We have a left-over bottle of bubbly that's from New Years. It hasn't been opened yet, so it'll still be good, right? Maybe light a few candles...



My bad, my bad

I lied, but not on purpose. On Thursday and Friday, I'm only working until 230, not 730. My schedule had been changed drastically since Monday, and I got confused. Don't hate me!

soon enough for you?

Go check out Bethany's last year's New Year's resolution.


Chocolate, anyone?

nothing at all

I guess this is the one that everyone's been waiting for. The one about my new job. Actually, it's totally boring. So far, I've sat in class for about 20 hours, watched tons of medical/education vidoes (totaling about 8 hours all in one day). So nothing that necessitates getting excited about. They went over basically the same exact stuff we were taught in school, procedures stuff. They also told us about their mission, vision, and stuff like that. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week, I'll be experiencing the wonderful world of CHIPS and PYXIS. PYXIS is their medication administration system and such. But I have no clue what CHIPS is. I even asked a manager on my unit. She's been there many years, 5 I think, even she said that she had no clue what it stood for. Basically, it's their computer documentation system. Thursday and Friday, I get my hands dirty, so to speak...I'll be in the cardiac cath lab watching, I think. I hope. Those days are from 6am to 730pm. Fun stuff, huh?

Well, I must run. Mark and I are meeting with Pastor Donica before church about joining the church.

I'll try not to wait so long before posting again, no promises though.


I'm free!

I actually went out today. I ran some errands this morning about 9ish. It was 19 degrees out this morning! My car had a nice little layer of frost on it. Oh, I made more cookies today. I feel like Suzie Homemaker. But anyways, Mark likes them :) So, they were peanut butter blossoms. You know, the peanut butter cookies with Hershey's kisses on them. When the kisses melt from the hot cookies, they need to be re-hardened before they get put away. They weren't going to harden in the kitchen. I put them in the coldest part of our house...that happened to be a closet in the other bedroom. And Mark thought I was hiding them from him :)

We have a date tonight :) We're going shopping, grocery shopping. Then we're going to mall, to do some real shopping. Mark has an Old Navy gift card he go for Christmas. I like clothes shopping, even if it's not for me :D

I made a discovery the other day. Yes, a new one, for me that is. If I leave a can that used to have tuna fish in it, it will reek like nobody's business after just one night. That smell is nauseating. Don't do it! Please, don't ever do it. Next time, I'm going to at least rinse them out. Groooossss.



More Pictures

Oh yeah, I've got more pictures up at my facebook site. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=83000&l=1d42f&id=545255187

Not Cut Out For This

I could *not* be a stay at home wife. I've cleaned all that could be cleaned, all the laundry is done (mostly, it's in the drier), and Mark is making dinner tonight (waffles :D). I guess if I had kids to take care of. At least I'd be getting snacks, cleaning up messes, changing diapers, something besides taking care of myself.

Even if I had a hobby, like scrapbooking. I do have a wedding scrapbook, and a christmas scrapbook to do (eventually), *but* I have NO pictures. They're all digital. I potentially could go to Wal-Mart or Target (tar-zhay') to print them out.
I would, if Mark hadn't taken my car to work. His jeep is out of gas, and I'm scared to drive it. Honestly! Like, I feel so small in it. Besides, I'd go nuts with all the trash in it. I confess, I have cleaned it out several times *sheepish smile* but it's cold outside right now.
Another thing, I have only 4 dollars to my name, thanks to a little oops in paying loans and bills. But that's ok because I'm starting my job Monday.

I thought about making cookies, the peanut butter ones with Hershey's kisses on them, but I have nothing to store them in. I have a ton of round canisters (like three people gave me different sets), but those kinds of cookies require a big rectangular thingy, or else, the kisses smash against the cookies. Ask me, go ahead, ask me how I know this.

I even (please, help me!) thought about playing Mark's GameCube. *shudders* I'd do it if he had some games I'd play. He's only got a few boy games, like a WWII soldier game, a Star Wars game, Super Mario Smash Brothers' game, and a few other sporty ones (soccer, basketball).
I even conquered the bathroom. Let me tell you something, that was a feat in itself! I think it's been cleaned maybe, possibly once since Mark moved in. I used a ton of bleach *muahahahaha* that'll get rid of anything trying to grow anywhere. I also found out something. Toilet bowl cleaner, the kind that get rids of lime scale in toilets, also worked on the tub. Like, all that soap scum all over the tub, gone! I even emptied the trash. But, unfortunately, I didn't make it to the floor. It's such a small floor, that I debated for a long time whether or not using a Swiffer mop pad was necessary. I didn't have anything else to mop, so I let it go, for now. But don't worry, I'll tackle it one of these days.

Pizza Hut just came out with a "new" crust/pizza. Pizza Mia. In Trinidad, that was the kind of crust we ordered from Pizza Hut. Remember, Hannah, and my family??

Anyways, sorry for the rabbit trail. I've been watching the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader training camp on TV. You'd think they'd be all about superficial things, like hair, make-up, weight, stuff like that. And, they are, but they also make them be graceful off the field. Like, they brought in the professionals to teach them social graces, like which side the sweet tea spoon goes on. I don't even know that. They made them set the tables, the ones with four forks, three spoons, two plates, and three cups, and stuff like that. I just thought I'd share.

I took down the Christmas tree today. I discovered we have more than 24 ornaments. I didn't think we had that many. Our little tree was really bare. After I got it taken apart, I spent a good 15 minutes trying to figure out how to fit in the box. The biggest piece seemed to long, until I put it on the bottom, that is. See, I can be smart when necessary.

So, the curtains Mark and I hung, the other day, are too long. They sit right in front of our baseboard heaters. We didn't hold them up, or even thing about it. So, I had this great idea to hang them up higher. Think it solved the problem? Nope. They're still too long, and they can't really go up any higher, else they'll be sitting on the ceiling. So next time we go visit my parents, I'm going to be using their sewing machine. If they'll let me, that is. :)

So yeah, I'm not cut out to be a stay at home person. At least, not at this time in my life. Ask me after we get our little family growing a bit, I might have changed my mind :)