Reason # 17 why I don't like winter

There is never enough hot water for me to wash and shampoo my hair, loofah my body , wash and exfoliate my face, and shave and moisturize BOTH my legs--all of my legs. It never works well for me to wash my face at the sink. About 7 gallons of water end up on the floor when I do that. And shaving my legs at the sink? Forget about it! And if Mark showers in the morning instead of the night before, I barely have enough hot warm water to finish rinsing my hair. If I leave out one of those things, I'm all out of whack, believe me, I've tried it.

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  1. I think this is the only thing I hate about winter:) I like pretty much every other aspect of it, but I HATE cold showers! I have to rush to do everything so I don't get frozen at the end. I even went to washing my hair and shaving my legs on alternating days because there's just not enough hot water to do both:(