Mommy Jewelry

I never win things. Like, never-ever. But one time, I did. I won a Lisa Leonard gift card! Lisa makes silver jewelry, and it's adorable. 

It's really small, but I don't really like big bling. The chain is pretty short, so it doesn't really get obscured by my clothess

It came with the pearls (adorable!) and two tiny disks. I paid extra for the third one, but we have three people in the family, so I needed three.

It'll be easy to add another charm when we have another baby, and really, they're super affordable. Last Thanksgiving, on Black Friday, I scored one of those birthstone babies at Kohl's. With Black Friday prices, it still cost about $20. And that's only for the charm. Granted, it's a little more involved, with a jewel, and it's gold, but this LLD necklace? $49 includes two charms and each charm is $9 more. So, that's $58 for three charms, a pearl, and the chain. I had to use my own necklace for the birthstone baby. Don't get me wrong, I love that one, too. 

But I can have a more recent love, right?

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I was not paid, persuaded, or reimbursed for this post, it's just a newly acquired possession and I love it!

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