Monday Madness

Just consider me as  Epic Fail. That's what I'll answer to now. Thanks.


We have been busy. Well, we're always busy. We rearranged our living room, cleaned out monster loads of junk, reorganized the black hole a.k.a. the downstairs closet. I cut up and cooked a pumpkin, and I used my crock pot twice (and currently cooking with it now). We had a Harvest Party, and we went trick-or-treating at Bass Pro Shop. I carved a pumpkin, but it flopped.

I wanted to get Brendon's picture taken at the Picture People, but I had no time to make an appointment and keep it, and I had no $$ to pay their awful prices for their really good picture. So, I took some of my own. Not professional, but the wall of our house is a nice brick with just the slightest bit of green moss to  make it look kinda oldy. I'll get those printed...eventually.

Oh, I tackled Mt. Laundry. I climbed to the top and planted my flag. I carved stepping stones to aid in my journey. I put it way and emptied the baskets. It's now a much more reasonable pile, I promise. Mostly towels and sheets, and Mark's work clothes.

I fell down the stairs

It was totally stupid. I picked Brendon up as he got to the top, because he followed me. I was wearing socks, and got to about 1/2 down, slipped and bump-bump-bumped 8 or 9 steps down. It mostly was my right side, but my hip got the brunt of it. Ouch. I landed on the bottom and was bawling. Like, it didn't really hurt, but I had Brendon in my arms and I was worried that he smacked his head. He was really scared and shook up, but I think my crying bothered him. He buried himself in my arms and just sat there. I regained control of my weeping and kinda laughed. He smiled and laughed too, so I knew he was OK. I was so scared for him. I kept Brendon busy, and I really don't think he got hurt at all.

And, we're making a wreath with handprint leaves. I think we'll take it to my parents for thanksgiving, because they have a glass door in front of their front door, so it won't get wet. More pics on that later.

Sir Shrek

beautiful pumpkin with  mossy wall (before Sir Shrek)

what a mean game, "eat the donut but don't touch it." Yeah, right!

it's the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Good news! I have my first diaper customer. It was an alchemy request from Etsy, and I'm super excited about it. Also, I'm going to make some medium and small fleecies and offer them to my facebook friends. Medium is about 25lbs (that's what Brendon wears), so I'll say small would be about 15lbs. They're stretchy, too, so they can go higher or lower than that.


  1. I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself falling on the stairs.

  2. I fell down the stairs once....all the way down, but at least I didn't have a baby. It's scary. But I'm glad you are ok.

    And I love the picture with the pumpkin and brick wall. Good job....you are clever!