Haven't we met before?

Every single time I wanted to blog, something bigger and better came around. I hope it doesn't feel neglected.

Thanksgiving, my side of our family is getting together at my parent's house. We're not only eating Thanksgiving dinner, but we're doing Christmas a little early. I started buying the presents for the little ones. I've got three nieces and one nephew to buy for. I got one done, two planned, and one no clue.  But on top of that, I have three single sisters, one single brother, one brother/sister-in-law combo (though I might just have to buy Tata something, because I found the cutest thing for her!), one brother and one SIL, and my parents. Man, that's a lot of people!

But I can do it. Why? Because I am determined and because we have one of our student loans paid off! Yay for a few extra $$ each month! Not that we're going wild, but it'll be nice to a little more wiggle room. Maybe a few less bills that have to go a few days late. Some days, I hate money. Why can't we go back to bartering? I've got some mad sewing skills!

I dropped Brendon off at a friend's house so I could go to breakfast with some female friends (which I was totally late for and missed) then do some shopping at outlets! I found the perfect present for Blondie!! It fits her personality and I really think she'll like it. I got some clothes for BAM (what else is new, huh?) and some little things for MCM's stocking (I'm super excited about those!) and some ideas for stocking stuffers for MCM's sisters/mom's stockings. and I got...oh, some BBW foaming soaps for said friend and for MCM's boss's wife.

MCM's sister has a preggo eggo! It's their third kid, and I'm cheering for a boy. I said they could use BAM's clothes, because she's due end of May, close enough to use the sizes we have for the right seasons. That fact, just guarantees that it will be a girl. But, then they're set on those because the first two kids are girls as well. Adorable things, but so very talkative! I think they need a man child running around. But then, he'd grow up with three mothers. Not a guess, a proven fact!

Isn't he just growing up way too fast? Already acting like a teenager, what with his iPod and earbuds and leaving his dishes every where. Oh, and he has one molar 1/2 way through with 1 more starting and the other 2 bulging. Poor guy, he is so cranky these days. I keep the Tylenol and Ibuprofen and Ora-gel close by during the night.

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