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So, as you know I make cloth diapers. I'm having a blast doing it, but just recently, I realized I needed some sort of tag. Right now, to label BAM's diapers (not that someone is going to steal them, but because everything else gets labeled, too!) and in the future to label any I sell. Yeah, I realized that I just sold three of them, and no, they didn't have a label or tag, but I'm crossing my fingers that she'll like them, want more and tell her friends. Then I can buy a pack of pencil thins to do the job. 

However, I was offered, kinda volunteered too, to test them on some new cloth diapers. I got them in the mail last night. I chose the polka dots, orange with a worm and our last name. They turned out cute, I think.
First, you need to cut them apart, like you see next to the two diapers on the left. I didn't put them on the two middle diapers, because I found newer diapers to put them on. The outer diapers, green/yellow, and big dots, are two of my newest. They've been washed, but only worn once or twice. So, they qualify as new, right? The other two I used are new-new. I just made one today, and the other one hasn't been made yet, just cut.

Close up of fleece
 Then you iron the diaper first, just the diaper. Not sure why, but I'm sure there is a reason. Maybe to make sure there is no wrinkles and the materials iron...

Then you have to peel the BACK off. Now, I got stumped on this part. The back is kinda cloudy (like you see in the picture) and the front is clear. The front comes of so, so, so easily and I had no clue how to get the back off. The first two I picked off, and though it disturbed the label, when I ironed it, you can't tell. Then, I realized that if you get it started, and fold back the back part, the label will stay mostly stuck to the front.

So, place the white side down, and keep the top clear part still on it. Then, iron it again for about 13-18 seconds. I did one about 20 seconds, and it's ok. I even did one with the iron moving and the iron in place, and it didn't matter. I did cover the sticker with a piece of the t-shirt I was using to cover my coffee table (classy, I know, but I broke our ironing board!)
imagine this picture followed by me ironing it
 After that, remove the clear plastic while it's still warm. It'll actually come right off. You'll be able to tell that the label has been melted a little. They stick really well, and actually have a little give, which is important on the green/yellow fleece cover because it needs a little stretch.

So, this is what I ended up putting the labels on. The top two are fleece, and the bottom two are cotton flannel. Due to the fuzziness of the fleece, the label seems to just sit on top, but it's stuck on there really well. I even tried to pick it off, and it's not coming off! When Brendon wakes up from his nap, I'll get a picture of him in one, look for it on my facebook page! 

So, I love them! And I found a chance for you to win them. Go enter this giveaway at iheartgiveaways for a chance to win a $25 credit. Or not, because it'll lessen my chances to win! LOL Just kidding, go enter!

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