"Snowpocalypse" or "Snowmaggedon"?

Really? It used to be relatively normal to get several inches of snow. I mean, can you imagine the Pilgrims complaining about 1 inch of snow, and dying off??
Pilgrim 1: Blast! I think it's going to snow! More than two flakes, and I don't think Granny's going to make it!
Pilgrim 2: This mild winter is going to kill us all off! Can it get any milder?!

Yeah, I just don't see it. So what's all the fuss? Pansies. We've be come pansies. I mean, schools reopened yesterday after being out for about 6 school days! Maybe we need to be driving more tougher vehicles rather than plastic matchbox cars.

What am I saying? I was just as amazed at the amount of snow we got. Especially since I live right on the east coast. I wanted to go to the beach and walk in the sand while it was snowing. Wouldn't that have been cool?! It started snowing early morning and by the afternoon, we had a good 3 or 4 inches. I took BAM out while it was still snowing, and as expected, he didn't like it so much. It was windy and the flakes were huge. So, we went out the next day, it was warmer and the snow had stopped. BAM loved it. He sat there trying to grab it and eat it. He managed to get some good bites in. But I think they came with brain freeze!

My parents live between Richmond and D.C. and got probably a good 3 feet or so. Mom was home with Thing One and Thing Two, but Dad had fled to Vancouver. He's driving the Olympiads up there. He sends me occasional texts from Iowa, Montana, and now Washington state. I can't wait till they start. I love watching ice-skating. I mean, who doesn't? They're so graceful and beautiful, and fun, too. I remember one year, we watched the winter Olympics AND the Goodwill Games. Double ice-skating! YES! I guess I need to go get my day started. BAM's down for his first nap, Mark's at work, and I'm feeling lazy. Anyone have any motivation pills?

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  1. Hah! Love the conversation between the Pilgrims! And BAM's so cute, eating snow.:-)