snap shot of my day off....and a new beginning

So, Brendon's past the 7 month mark, and I'm trying my best to keep up with him. Here's a snapshot of one of our days (when I'm not at work, of course :D)

7-8 a.m. I'm woken by his coos and squeals. I think they're the most wonderful sounds ever! Depending on what time we went to bed the night before determines if I get him up at 7, or let him talk until 8 (and I go back to sleep). Every once in a blue moon, he wakes at 6:30 (!!). This morning, he did, but daddy convinced him to go back to sleep. See, he has this super-soft cat (Thanks, Aunt Ninda!) that he really likes, and if you rub it on his face he'll decide he's ready to sleep. Anyways, I'm greeted by a huge smile on his face when I walk in to his room.
8 a.m. FOOD! We have a snuggle time, either in bed or on the couch (again, depends on the day, feeling and such). After I feed him, I dig around for something presentable for him to wear...He can stay in his PJ's all day, right? Then we go downstairs and I get breakfast, and get him some thing solid. It's usually some baby cereal with AJ, or fruit and oatmeal. Boy, does he love to work that jaw! Thankfully, he doesn't use it on me :)
9 a.m. (this is an estimate of times, k? I don't stick to strict schedule except for naptime, and even then, we fluctuate by 5-10 minutes) BAM, the bumbo seat and I go upstairs. I shower and get dressed while BAM and bumbo seat have some good bonding time. I have to keep a close eye on him while he's in there, now. He's learned how to maneuver and squeeze himself almost to the point of getting out of it. He arches his back and almost pops his thighs out. And today, he twisted and had his butt sitting on the edge, instead of the middle, of the seat. Then, we play for a while, I attempt to clean the impeding tide of "stuff".
10 a.m. Nap time! Probably about 40% of the time, he makes a huge deal and end up fussing for about half of an hour to an hour. Then, most of the time, it's only about 10 minutes. And the rare occasion, he goes down with little to no fuss. Those days, I do a silent dance, so I don't wake him back up :) I have some ME time. I do all sorts of things like laundry, the occasional dish, check my email, check my blogs...check facebook...check my email...I also get lunch ready for Mark and me. BAM and I usually go eat lunch with him.
1130ish a.m. I wake BAM up and we go each lunch with daddy.
1245/1 p.m. BAM's lunch time and we play. Some times we watch Baby Einstein, and sometimes we just play on the floor. I'm not sure where the time goes, but it goes fast.
2 p.m. NAP TIME! He's usually ready for it this time. I try to either do some laundry or get a small nap in too. Once, I tried scrapbooking, but wouldn't it have figured he took an hour to fall asleep and woke up early crying. So I keep it simple.
4 p.m. FOOD! Some days, it seems like all I did was feed him and put him down to sleep. I guess if I at least get that done, I've done a lot. After his liquid dinner, I usually give him some solids too, this time some veggies. Then comes our favorite time! DADDY'S HOME! Mark gets home between 5:30 and 6. I try to keep BAM up until at least 6:30.
6:30-7 p.m. BEDTIME! Hallelujah! I mean, I love this kid to death, but some times, I just wish he'd chill. He has to be checking everything out all the time. Today, he attempted to launch himself off our bed just to get the alarm clock's numbers. Then, I had to drag him out from under the coffee table. Then, he almost propelled himself off of my lab (I only had his head to catch him by, I was putting his hat on).
Tonight's the night. We are learning how to sleep through the night. If you never hear from me again, you know it's gotten the best of me and I'm in a loony bin or house or whatever. See, BAM thinks it's ok to wake up in the middle of the night and just scream, for no reason, at all. Usually, it's nights before I have to work. And I am so over that. It's just hard, knowing that all I have to do is go in there and let him nurse for not even 5 minutes, and he'll be able to go back to sleep. Pray for me!

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