Wordless Wednesday

I left BAM in the living room to go get some breakfast for me. A quick look showed nothing too dangerous that he'd get hurt with while I was gone for a minute. When I came back, this is what I saw.

Then he saw me and started walking, while holding on the basket. What's that word? It totally left my brain as I was typing that sentence. Gliding? Creeping? Oh! Cruising! Yeah. then he held out his hand, and lost his balance. He fell on his back (reminded me of a turtle!) rolled over and did it again!

Here's our third snow fall. Third? .... Yeah, the first one, we only got rain.

Our parking lot is pretty much empty, except for my van, and about 3 or 4 other cars. A while ago, I couldn't see that tree across the street. And now? there's no white snow left in the parking lot. It's just slush.

Well, I hear the bambino making playing with his toys, I guess I'd better get ready to go feed him. But maybe, he'll play by himself for a while longer :)

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