nothing at all

I guess this is the one that everyone's been waiting for. The one about my new job. Actually, it's totally boring. So far, I've sat in class for about 20 hours, watched tons of medical/education vidoes (totaling about 8 hours all in one day). So nothing that necessitates getting excited about. They went over basically the same exact stuff we were taught in school, procedures stuff. They also told us about their mission, vision, and stuff like that. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week, I'll be experiencing the wonderful world of CHIPS and PYXIS. PYXIS is their medication administration system and such. But I have no clue what CHIPS is. I even asked a manager on my unit. She's been there many years, 5 I think, even she said that she had no clue what it stood for. Basically, it's their computer documentation system. Thursday and Friday, I get my hands dirty, so to speak...I'll be in the cardiac cath lab watching, I think. I hope. Those days are from 6am to 730pm. Fun stuff, huh?

Well, I must run. Mark and I are meeting with Pastor Donica before church about joining the church.

I'll try not to wait so long before posting again, no promises though.

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  1. Sorry your job is boring. You might wish for boring once you start into the actual nursing part of your job!
    I hope everything goes well this week!!