Computer Stuff

My computer is sick. The hinges or something are broken or something. When it's closed, the lid hangs off one end quite noticeably. So we're taking him on a trip. There's an apple store in Norfolk (please, pronounce it like it's spelled, it drives me nuts when people say nah-fuk *shudders* guess I should have moved here then, huh?!?). Anyways, we're headed to the mall in Norfolk to get my computer fixed. This mall is the bomb! Well, compared to our little one here in Hampton, the equally ghetto one in Fredericksburg (although it's getting better), and the slightly better one in Newport News. The Norfolk mall has three floors, a Barnes & Noble that I could spend a month in AND not be bored! You might be feeling like I messed up MacBook on purpose, just to get Mark to take me to the mall, but I didn't do it!

We've been married for one month, today. To celebrate, we're going to a really cool mall. Remember the previous comment? We have a left-over bottle of bubbly that's from New Years. It hasn't been opened yet, so it'll still be good, right? Maybe light a few candles...



  1. Are you talking about the MacArthur Mall? That one is really cool. And it's "Naw-fuk". I know cause I lived there for seven years and cringed every time someone said it.

  2. actually, I broke the computer so I could go to the apple store :P

  3. Bubbly, huh? Yum and yay!
    Have a special time. :-)

    Oh, you MUST sign up for Red Robin's birthday club! I got my free burger coupon last week, and I went yesterday. I got a chicken teriyaki burger *for FREE* and an ice cream sundae, too! All I had to pay for was my iced tea! Saved over 15 bucks!