I'm free!

I actually went out today. I ran some errands this morning about 9ish. It was 19 degrees out this morning! My car had a nice little layer of frost on it. Oh, I made more cookies today. I feel like Suzie Homemaker. But anyways, Mark likes them :) So, they were peanut butter blossoms. You know, the peanut butter cookies with Hershey's kisses on them. When the kisses melt from the hot cookies, they need to be re-hardened before they get put away. They weren't going to harden in the kitchen. I put them in the coldest part of our house...that happened to be a closet in the other bedroom. And Mark thought I was hiding them from him :)

We have a date tonight :) We're going shopping, grocery shopping. Then we're going to mall, to do some real shopping. Mark has an Old Navy gift card he go for Christmas. I like clothes shopping, even if it's not for me :D

I made a discovery the other day. Yes, a new one, for me that is. If I leave a can that used to have tuna fish in it, it will reek like nobody's business after just one night. That smell is nauseating. Don't do it! Please, don't ever do it. Next time, I'm going to at least rinse them out. Groooossss.



  1. Cookie hoarding huh? That's funny!
    Have fun on your date tonight. Date's are always fun!! :)
    It's amazing the things we discover when we're the ones running the household and not our mom's. :)

  2. Oh yeah. It's amazing the things you learn that you never thought about before. Cookies smell much better than tuna. :)