My New Washing Machine

By the way, they can't do anything to my computer case. It's not covered under warranty :( that's ok though. Hubby and I went to my parents house to get a "new" washer and drier, along with a half a pick-up truck full of other stuff. Our former washer and drier were hand-me-downs from the laundry room, here at the apartments. They come with our own little savings plan, aka coin slots. Seventy-five cents a pop! The washer, though, was on it's last leg. Every once in a while the washer thingy, in the middle of the washing machine, would get stuck every now and then. But not any more, we got "new" ones :D They used to be my my sister-in-law's mother's. But she got new ones, and gave them to D and S, and *they* got new ones, so we got "new" ones too :) The best part, I can wash more than 6-10 articles of clothing at one time, *and* the drier will dry the clothes in a timely manner :D

So, we acquired another dresser, a book shelf I got for my birthday about 10 years or more ago. Then we relieved my sister of a barrel of clothes, and several boxes of books. The only downside to it all, is that it's sitting in the middle of the living room, because we don't have space cleared for them yet.

I work my first 12 hour shift tomorrow. I'll be working with the telemetry monitor tech. They watch about 12-15 people's heart rhythms and call the appropriate nurses to inform of stuff like, dead battery, leads off, and unfavorable rhythms. That's tomorrow and Tuesday. And you thought that working at a computer for 8 hours was bad...Remember me when you go home, and I'm still working. The shift is from 0645 to 1915 (715 for those of you who need it).


  1. I wish I couls work for 12 hours and then go home. Oh well, I guess my 24 hour shift will have to do. ;-)

  2. I love getting new appliances. I keep praying for my refrigerator to give up the ghost so I can get a new one. But no. It just sits there rattling away. Send Ben and Happy Birthday today! Karen