Our Days Are Numbered

So I've got lots of pictures on my phone, but I can't find an iPhone cable. I'm so lazy, right? HEY! I'm 9 1/2 months pregnant! I'm allowed a little laziness now and then. I just got done doing 4 loads of laundry, 1 load of dishes, made a pumpkin pie (you're welcome, Mark!!) and something else I forgot already. Plus, this is my down time because Brendon is napping.

Yup, 38 weeks today. As ready as I am to meet this guy, I'm trying to stay patient and not evict him before he's ready to come out. I've been trying to have the mindset of a "due week" rather than a "due date" because the date can be off by two weeks! TWO WEEKS!

The doc and I had a nice discussion about when they choose to induce. Basically he said if I wanted to go as long as 42 weeks, I could. But then he also said that if the situations are favorable, then he'd be willing to induce any time after 39 weeks. It's totally easy to not ask to be induced, but it's harder to not complain about STILL. BEING. PREGNANT. I know that not everyone gets this opportunity, so I'm being thankful for it.

Our lives are going to change so much. First, I know I'll have two kids before I turn 25. {gulp} I'll be out-numbered when Mark is at work. {gulp} The laundry, the diapers, the food (eventually) {gulp}. I'll be starting again with a full diaper bag whenever I leave the house. Thankfully, Brendon only needs an extra diaper or two, a snack, a drink, and a book/toy. The baby will need a few diapers, wipes, extra clothes, a bag for messes/dirty diapers, burp clothS (more than one, I learned that lesson with Brendon!), a blanket, a pacifier or two. I'll need water and a snack for me, because if the two of them are eating, I'm most certainly going to be also! Plus, I'm planning on breastfeeding again, so I'll need to keep drinking water. Thankfully, I already bring my "sippy" around town with me. LOL It's a Camelback water bottle, that Mark has dubbed the adult sippy cup. Then, as GEM gets older, I'll probably stock a few toys for him, some finger snacks. And if BAM ever decides to let me know when he has to pee, extra clothes for him. Oh, probably a stash of extra clothes for me would be good too-but I'd leave those in the back of the vehicle. I don't out grow my clothes as fast as the kids do. LOL.

Speaking of out-growing clothes, Brendon's fall/winter clothes are 3T. 3T! He started the spring and summer just barely fitting into 2T. Does this mean that next spring/summer he'll be 4T when he turns three? Is it called 4T then? Oh, yeah, it is, because the two pull over fleecies I bought him are 4T. He's a big boy, but his mannerisms are still 2 year old. I like that. I mean, it'd be great if he could talk and tell me what he wants rather than grunting, but it makes him still my baby :) One of his friends is 2 1/2 weeks younger than he is and she could pass for a 3 year old-except in the way she walks. It's adorable. She's as clumsy as Brendon is--tripping over nothing all the time. And she talks all the time and it's super clear. I'm sure her mama is happy to be able to know what she wants, but like I said, it'd make BAM feel older than he is-and he's already growing up way too fast!

Our days of an odd-numbered family are . . . well . . . numbered. LOL

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  1. Yes they are! But you will LOVE every single second of it :)