My creativity flew away for a long time, but it's back! I've got my sewing machine dusted off and my kitchen table has been repurposed again. I have an extra room for my craftiness, but there's currently a crib, a futon, a bazillion boxes and NO table in there. You only though they were all unpacked, but they really just went into the "office." 

So the kitchen table has been borrowed. I've got several baby due-dates coming up (besides mine!) and my plan is to make hospital gowns for the mommas. I don't think either of them read this blog, so I think I'm safe :) I had to make a prototype first, kinda like the first kid or the first batch of cookies. LOL

So, here's a few pictures of the prototype gown-disclaimers first: I can't find my camera, so my phone did a stand-in; it's not 100% done, I don't have bias tape for the raw edges; and my mirror was filthy! 

still kinda shapeless, but at least i know no one pooped on it!
 Not too keen on this print, but it was the cheap fabric for the rough draft. I might keep it for delivery, when all the "birth process" is most likely to get on it :P

i know now that contortionism is out in future careers
The back-note the three ties-less likely to get the draft and the unfortunate feeling that your bare bum is exposed!

ignore the belly in the corner, I tried to suck it in!
And I even did the shoulders with snaps to go around IV's, cords, lines, and whatever else is deemed medically necessary!

So, rough draft completed, on to the real one tomrrow. The fabric I have for her is totally adorable. If she wants to wear it during birth and get the "birth process" on it (see, I'm keeping this post gore-free!) that's fine, at least pictures will have her in a pretty gown. My hospital gown I wore when Brendon was being born kept gaping at the pocket and showing...too much. These--no pockets! Yay!

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