Be prepared for picture overload!

I am a bad documentarist. I can never remember to take pictures as I go. I just get so caught up in my work that having to stop to take a picture is disruptive. But, I managed a few.
the pattern, ready to be cut
 My little paper pattern is getting a lot of exercise! I've cut three gowns so far, and I'm going to try to do two more. Three are for friends, and one is for me. The first one (that I wrote about last time) is the oops. I'm not going to use bias tape, I'll just fold-over and hem the edges and try to wear that one when the "birth processes" might get on it.

I forgot a few pictures...I told you!
So, this picture is after I've sewn something. I think I did half of the shoulder snaps and part of the side seams. Anyhow, it was enough that I needed a break.

Break time!! yummy ice cream sandwhiches!
Snaps! Who knew?!

So, here's the snaps. I thought four would work, but because those four were on such a short piece of snap tape, I went with three groups of 2, spaced out so they get the whole shoulder seam. I had a hard time figuring out how to sew them to stay, but not so the stitching looked like I went gung-ho on them.

sewing the seams so there are no raw edges
 I figured that strings and stuff would be irritating, especially on a laboring woman, or one who just wants to enjoy her newborn. I first sewed the wrong sides together, then turned it and sewed the right sides together. The raw edges end up being encased and out of the way! No unraveling :D
wrong sides first, then right sides
 After I did the front shoulder snaps, I did the side seams, then the back shoulder snaps. I just felt like that was more of a better progression because I just did.

sewing the back shoulder snaps
 It was difficult to sew right on the edge of the snap tape, because right at the snaps, it was just. barely. enough. room. to catch the edge of the tape and not have to get the snap under the presser foot. Just believe me.

Oh, the ribbon in the back. I forgot what his picture was about...
 The pattern just called for two ribbons, but I added three. One at the top, one mid-upper back, and one just below waist level (or at waist level, depending on how tall/short the model is)

Bias tape- the best thing since....snap tape!
I've used bias tape lots of times before, but I just realized a great thing! Bias tape has one side folded shorter than the other. I just figured that it was laziness on the machine's part that did it, and that it was approximated enough to work. Until now, that is. So, if you put the side with the longest fold in the back, and sew from the front, you can sew right along the edge of the top and it will catch the back side every. single. time. Sure, laugh at me, but I never knew/realized that!

Finished neckline.
Sewing the shorter side on the top, so it works!
 I ran out of tape, so I only managed to get the neckline and one of the back seams done. There's enough to do part of other back seam, but I'd rather not have to join bias tape, it's a pain! I talked to the girl who I'm giving it to, and already told her it was going to be late.

 It looks like a big muumuu, but at least it's a cute printed muumuu, and you don't have to worry about who did what it in it last, "birth process" or other "processes"

With a ribbon, it gives it more shape!
 I added a ribbon around the waist, and it really helps give more shape.

On a pregnant model (shh, don't tell her I tried on her gown!)

Six month basketball
Oh, I also added a few inches, four, I think. The girl is about my height, I think, (I'm an awful estimator!!) and the first gown hit my knees. This one is right below it.

I used the pattern from Lazy Girl Designs, but took some suggestions from this blog, Sweet 'n' Sassy Girls. Here's what I changed from Lazy Girl: 
  • I used snap tape instead of velcro and a button. Snaps are less risky for "accidental" openings.
  • I added a third ribbon for extra coverage, just in case. Lots of visitors for a new baby and his momma. I'd like to make sure that everyone only sees the baby! LOL
  • I added a few inches to the hem, and rather than a ruffle like Sweet 'n' Sassy did, I just put a few extra inches on it. I thought about the ruffle, but then there's the gathering and spreading and it was just easier to lengthen it.
  • I turned the seams and used bias tape rather than zigzagging them. Zigzagging is just so casual, not what I'd do for a present, that I'd like to look professional. I'll add bias tape to the sleeve hems and bottom hem once I get more.
And it's one size fits (almost) all, so just because I have it fitting my six-month belly, doesn't mean it won't fit a nine-month belly. Plus, the ribbon isn't attached so she can tie it as tight or as loose as she needs.

So I just need one more pack of bias tape to finish it, and that'll be it! This girl's baby is due the middle of August (the 14th, the same day as Noelle would have been due, so I always remember her due date!). Another girl is due in the middle of September and her shower is the beginning of August, so I've got some time there. The third girl is due in September too, not sure when, but she and her family moved (via the Army) to Turkey, so I'm going to try to get hers out next.

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  1. Super cute....you are so clever! I am inspired to get out my sewing machine....I have that Reniassance Costume to make.....