On the Richter scale, this day is HUGE!

Wow. If days had a scale, like the Richter Scale for earthquakes. The higher the number, the worse the event. So, I think today would be a 7 or 7.5. But, I think it has the potential for lots of other things to raise that number. So, what's gone on to make it so bad? Ha, glad you asked, because I'm about to tell you!

First, I woke up every 2 hours. See, I'm on-call today, for work. I kept having nightmares like, they called of staff that was in overtime (on a Monday!?) and called me in, instead. Nevermind the fact that overtime and on-call pay is the same hourly wage! I knew they would call at 5:15, and I kept telling myself that, and I would just expect to be awoken and told to come in. I told myself that, and I was OK with it. But my body didn't listen. I kept wondering what time it was, if they had called, where's my pillow, what's that noise, why is the A/C blowing. Gah!

Second, I spilled about a gallon of water on the bathroom floor and forgot to rinse the conditioner from my hair. The water leaked around the shower curtain, so who knows how much it really was, but it soaked up two towels, my PJ's and the rug. In my hurried state, I quickly jumped out of the shower to clean it up and never got back in. So, I forgot to rinse the conditioner from my hair. I thought it felt kinda different, but I thought I just had stuff on my hands, as I was putting it up. Now, it's crunchy and stiff. I'd rinse it in the sink, but I haven't done the dishes yet.

Third, Brendon threw his iPod in the tub (filled with water) because he didn't want to watch Toy Story, so he got a time out and could only read books. I went back to cleaning the tub. Well, he didn't want to read books, and he let me know it. He was trying to climb on my back and legs and I was bent over the tub and toilet trying to clean. This is the last week we have to clean and return the keys to the apartment office, so I was so thankful to not have to work, but number four kind of makes me wish I had.

Fourth, Brendon threw my phone in the toilet I was trying to clean. I know, I should have learned my lesson, and now I have. But he would not leave me alone and he would not stop whining. Hello, terrible twos. So I gave him my phone to play his little games on. Something happened, maybe a text to interupt it, and he came to me. I guess I didn't fix it quick enough because he got mad and threw it in the TOILET! It was in there maybe 2-3 seconds, but that was enough to shut it off. Now, it's buried in rice, along with the iPod.

Fifth (isn't that enough? no?) I called work to tell them my predicament, that I'm with out phone access and I fully expected them to say, "Oh, I doubt we'll need you, but ok, we'll email you." Instead, I get "We'll most likely need you, but I don't know when."

Pray, pray really hard that I'm not needed because I have a lot I need to do, mainly laundry and grocery shopping. The laundry is all the dirty stuff collected from the apartment that we just carried over here, yes, in trash bags. Most of it has been dealt with. There's one basket and a small pile, plus the winter stuff. Like I said, that'll probably be around for a while.

Ok, time to get lunch ready and get Brendon up from his morning nap-he REALLY needed it! I'll post more about my cloth wipes challenge, that I'm flunking, so far!

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