Wipes Challenge: June 22-July 22

I've taken the plunge. I'm joining up with April from Mama on a Green Mission. The reason-to save money and our trash! I felt a little disappointed that I couldn't participate in the last challenge, but it was just impractical. This I can do. The Challenge is to use only cloth wipes from June 22- July 22. Since BAM's sitter uses disposable diapers, I'm not going to make her use cloth wipes, and besides, it's not ME doing it...well, in a sense, it is, but I can't change that much. When Brendon is home (at least with me, I doubt MCM will be big on this...) I'll be using cloth wipes with his cloth diapers. 
my wipes solutions

I've made a few different wipes solutions to go with them. The left one is made with apple cider vinegar, very dilute-so it won't burn the butt. The middle is baby lotion and baby shampoo-both lavender. The left one is vitamin E and baby shampoo, regular. I used the vitamin E one today, and at first I sprayed the wipe, but that was silly, so I sprayed BAM's butt. He giggled and said "more?" Ha!

recognize the fabric? it's left over quilt stuff!

I made several styles of wipes, mostly because I got lazy and bored with how I was doing it. I have a few that are turned and top-stitched, several that are zig-zagged edges in flannel. Then today I whipped up a batch that are zig-zagged with a cotton side and a chamois side. Say it with me OOOH-AAAAH! They're super-soft. Can you imagine how luxurious it would feel? *ahem* Anyways. Then I got lazy and did a single tiny stitch around the edges. In the wash, they did fray, but I'll trim the long pieces and they should be ok.

smooth, like butter!
Oh, I just thought of something. Do I need to store the extra solution in the fridge? I think I read something like that somewhere. Eh, I don't think so. So, who's with me? Take the Challenge!!

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  1. Every couple days, I always just filled a baby wipes container half full with water and squirted a little baby wash in there. I just dipped a dry cloth in there each time he pooed and squeezed it out, then wiped. It would last a few days and we never had a problem with it.