I think this SnotFest 2010 needs to end right now. I only have approximately 5% of breathing capacity through my nose. My head feels like lead and I think my ears are pretending I'm flying at an insane altitude. Oh, and Brendon's bottom molars are coming through.
Speaking of Brendon, he has had some nasty gas today. I'll be right back, he's going up the stairs to go to bed without me. I guess I should go put him in his crib! Heh.
I'm back.
I'm not doing much these days. Sewing when I can, blogging when I remember.
We looked at a house Monday. From the price, I was expecting something on the nice side. It was a joke. The inside of the house looked like it had been a puzzle in a previous life. One room used to have an indoor hot tub, and it was so musty. The room had no open-able windows, so it just kinda...stewed. The master bedroom was added on the back, and the original outside brick was the inside wall. It was cold and drafty, true the heat was not on, but it was colder than the rest of the house. The "master bathroom" was the size of a closet, standing room only between the toilet and the shower stall, not even a tub!
So, it was a no go.
I am taking my phlegm filled body and climbing into bed, swallowing a few benadryl before I do.

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