Oh, hi, I knew I was forgetting something

So, it's the same old "I got too busy, had some great blurbs in my head, didn't feel like writing them down" stuff that I write every once in a while. Really, I do have great ideas and little witty things pop into my head quite often. It's usually while I'm in the shower or driving or some such activity that renders me incapable of jotting it down. So I then forget about it. And I leave you hanging for 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS! I wish some other 2 weeks go faster that it does when I'm not blogging. Heh.

Thanksgiving: it was a mad-house. It was packed, like 17 people in a 3 bedroom (converted into 4) house. Five kids aged 3 and under. Three teenagers, one 20 year old (who could be grouped with the teens, but would get her panties in a wad!), and four couples. Ok, 16. Marine-boy couldn't make it. Sadness.

But guess what I did not do the entire weekend...yup, I did not take a single picture. Oh, I brought my camera with a charged battery and empty memory card and left it in the diaper bag all Thanksgiving long.

I did go out shopping for Black Friday. Not much, and not super early. We went about 6, and it really wasn't swarming with people. Yes, it was more busy than usual, and we did skip the high traffic stores, but I think we did rather well.

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