Christmas pictures!!

I might not have Christmas pictures taken, but I've got the photo cards planned out!

I thought Shutterfly was just about getting photos printed and maybe a mug or a mouse pad as a gift. Let me tell you, my eyes have been opened! Ha.
I went over to their site, since we're getting Christmas/family pictures taken this weekend by our friend. You know, I needed to have something to send out to show off how big/adorable/whatever Brendon is getting :) I think I found the design I wanted. We're planning on wearing color-coordinating fleeces/shirts and light-wash blue jeans. I don't care for the traditional type of Christmas cards, or anything, I like stuff different. Shutterfly has what I want. So, my top pick, THIS one.

Believe me, it was tough. There were about 600 CHRISTMAS card styles! A big thing for us, is to have the card say "Merry Christmas" rather than "Happy Holidays" or something generic.

Another thing I really want to order for a family member (can't say who because they might read this, and plus I might be too lazy to get it before Christmas) are these Snap books. I mean, we aren't the kind of family to have the picture book sitting on the coffee table, but I know grandparents especially like things like this. Our walls are covered in pictures of Brendon, and he's our only one. I can't imagine having several to have to display! Heh. I'd need a shrine. And don't forget, there's all sorts of other gift ideas.

Shutterfly doesn't stop there. Oh no. They have birthday invitations (and baby everything), and that's my favorite. EEK! They have business/calling cards, I feel the urge to order some for my diapers, but I'll wait until I have more orders. I don't want to get a head of the game.

I know it's a lot of choices in one little website. I could spend an entire movie time on the site and end up with a shopping cart well over $100. But, my wallet isn't THAT big, so I'll settle for some Christmas cards, for now. I mean, we have to get them somewhere, right? and Shutterfly is always having some yummy deal going on. So, win-win!

NOTE: I'm participating in a promotion (http://bit.ly/sfly2010). I entered to blog for them, and in return, if they like it, I'll get 50 free Christmas cards. These opinions are all my own, and my wishes, too. If there's still time, the promotion goes until the end of today, Friday, December 10th.

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