Paper or Plas--nope and no paper, either

I was wrapping our presents the other day. Well, "their" presents, because I don't wrap my present--never mind, I remember I did. ha! Anyways, I was wrapping presents, Brendon was "helping," as always. He saw the thing I was wrapping, a pillow pet, for BEE (a bee for BEE!! ha!) and Brendon thought it was interesting for about 2.3 seconds, so I figured he was done with it, and I started to wrap it up.
BIG MISTAKE! Brendon started to cry, not just whine-whimper-I-want-it-back-sniff, but BLOODY-WHAT-ARE-YOU-DOING-TO-ME!-SCREAM.
I was seriously shocked. I pulled off the paper, hadn't taped it yet, and he laughed and pointed to hit. So, I did the whole "say good bye," thing, and started again. He actually pushed the paper off of it. Eventually I got it wrapped, and it wasn't easy. Not just because of Brendon, though. Go ball up a soft fluffy blanket in a loose pile, and attempt to wrap it with just enough paper. Go ahead, I'll wait, I've got time.

Yeah, wasn't that hard? Thought so.

I thought that he just didn't like things he liked disappearing. After that, I wrapped a front end loader that has buttons and makes noises and stuff. Brendon fussed over that too. And that one was for him. [[What? it's not like he's going to remember -- "oh yeah, I already saw that one, I don't need to push that button again." Come on, he's a toddler and a boy, he lives for button pushing!]] So, the next one I wrapped a boring bottle of puzzle glue, you know, for when the puzzle is finished and you want to make sure you can show it off. All that work, all those hours, the squinting, and loss of hair were not in vain! So, he didn't even bat an eyelash when he picked it up. I started to wrap it. He went ballistic again! I showed it too him, and he pointed to it, but made it very clear that he didn't like this items being suffocated in their paper wrappings.
Eh, he'll get over it. Either that, or one day, all our presents will be presented to us on a platter. Maybe some greenery for distraction and garnish...


  1. Great book! Memories of geriatric nursing! Did you get that read to you, too?