who says gender roles are learned?

As soon as we went out side this morning, Brendon found "his" stick. It's probably about 1 1/2 times his size. He's standing the middle of the grass holding on to it like it's his beloved pacifier and it's nap time. I had to adjust the stick size so he could carry it to the mail box and back. If he dropped it, he tugged on my hand and would not keep going until he picked it back up. He stuck it in the dirt, he dragged it along the chain link fence and laughed at the noise. He held on to that stick, and pitched a fit when it was time to go inside and the stick had to stay outside. He'll get it again tomorrow and pick up like they're long lost friends.

I did not introduce him to sticks. I didn't even show him sticks. If I had my way, he would sit in the middle of the side walk and not touch the dirt or the grass or the sticks or the acorns or the bugs. But he has a mind of his own, and the stick was found. The dirt was poked, and the fingers became dirtied. Why? I have no answer beside this one "he's a boy. boys are attracted to dirt, sticks, water, and bugs." Haven't had to deal with bugs, but he loves animals. He saw a squirrel run across out path and was mesmerized. he followed it around a tree, and even squatted to look under the bushes when it ran away.

He doesn't care about colors, pink or purple or green or blue, if there's milk or juice in it, he will drink it. We're working on water...slowly. Clothes don't bother him, but he likes his feet bare. He's just as likely to grab my pink shirt to throw in his trash can as he is Mark's blue shirt. Most of our toys are gender neutral, minus a few legos and other blocks. He has a tool set and tool bench that plays music, but his favorite are his bear and cat that he sleeps with.

I've caught him walking around with one of my bras and a Wii remote.  But outside, it's a different story. Sticks and dirt and leaves draw him. He does pick flowers, but he sniffs them and tries to put them back. He had dirt all over his fingers and attempted to grab my arm. Being the girl I am, I squealed and he tried harder.

It's true: boys will be boys.

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  1. Totally agree! I don't even know how many times a day I say, "Eeeeew, gross Jonathan!" And he just smiles and finds more bugs and dirt to bring me.