Friday Fails aka what's new on the home front

I totally fail at keeping up with this blog. I'll just skip the silly "memes" and focus on life.
Brendon is growing like a weed. He's walking all over the place. Every once in a while he just totally looses his balance and falls over. He's not even doing anything complicated. He'll lift up his foot to take another step, and instead, he falls over. I laugh to myself, because it'd be wrong to laugh at him, right?

He babbles constantly, but an occasional intelligible word slips through, like "mamama," mainly "mamama." He recognizes the signs for cracker and cookie, and shoes. If you ask him what the snake says, he goes "sssss" and grins. He points all the time, and grunts that he wants it. We're learning words, or at least to acknowledge them.

He really likes using his spoon. Doesn't quite get the intended results, but he tries. He folds his hands when we say it's time to pray, actually interlocks his fingers together.

We're peaking at different apartments and houses for rent or buying, and I really want to move into a house, but I don't think we'll be able to do it for a while. We're close to getting a few loans paid off, mainly the school loans held by the school with insane interest, like 17% or something.

Everyone keeps asking us if we're ready for another kid, but honestly, who is ever "ready" for another 9 months of alien growing, at least 6-maybe more than 24 hours of labor, possibly lots of stitches, weeks of sleepless nights,  the drool, the spit-up, the crying, the poo. I mean, who's really ready!? I thought of those contractions again, and was afraid. I wish I wasn't. But I will do what I can. The point- any one who says they're "ready" to go through newborn stage again is lying. They just want another baby to snuggle.

Yeah, that's about it. Have a great weekend!

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