It's Alive! (well, not alive alive, but good alive...)

So, I basically promised a long post yesterday, but I expected Brendon to nap longer. Silly me, why would I expect it. Just because he only took a 60 minute nap at 9, and was up by 10am. Just because he woke up at 730am instead of 8am. I don't know why I would think that.

I've just about perfected my own diaper pattern. Ha, I say perfected like it's amazing. I've tried lots of styles, but I like the small-ness of the front. It's not gathered, so it doesn't really pooch out. I haven't gotten the sewing the velcro down yet. You can see that the one on the end is lacking in the aesthetic department...

The inside is made from a fleece, but it feels more like flannel, so maybe it's micro fleece? Maybe I'm just wrong. Also, the inside inside part is just some scraps, not too terribly absorbent, but it does the job (with an extra insert on top).

And the legs. They might be a little snug, because they leave red marks, but they're getting there. I'm just in a bind because I'm out of the fold-over elastic (red binding) and the PUL (middle water proof layer). Both the rainbow and airplanes were 'extra' fabric from my online order.

OK, so maybe the pattern isn't perfected, but I like the way this one is unfolds/refolds. I think it could potentially be a one-size fits most diaper, but I've made several different pattern sizes. I just have one kid, though, so I can only say that this size has everything in the right spot.

I'm on the prowl for more kid's butts to borrow and dress. So, how about it, can I borrow your kid? I might even let you keep the diaper if you're interested.

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